Gove congratulates Packham?

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by egbert, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. icanshootwell

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    Yes i remember, It stopped Borris running for PM, We would be in a better place now if he was.
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  2. shearerlad

    shearerlad Member

    I was suggesting that he hasn’t turned into a snake because he has always been one!
  3. icanshootwell

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    He,ll be shedding his skin soon. :D
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  4. Surgery

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    9378A955-5A4F-4A8F-89DB-670B850E2B5F.jpeg I always think he looks as if his fingers have just gone up through the toilet paper.
  5. DrWazzock

    DrWazzock Member

    A slimy toad.

    There is much joy in seeing 30 tonners hauling out the yard laden with beet, wheat, barley, OSR and lambs. That's the real joy of farming and banking a big fat cheque for quality produce and lots of it.

    There's no joy in rewilding and all that crap, just briars, vermin and all that bollox.

    They will never get that though will they?

  6. Turned in to?

    He has always been!!!!
  7. Bruce Almighty

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  8. turbo

    turbo Member

    My theory is he was put there in the brexit camp to stop Boris getting the top job and he did a very good job of it
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  9. Two Tone

    Two Tone Member

    We can all speculate as to the true motives of all the politicians involved on both sides.
    Some appeared genuinely more committed than others and definitely came over as being so in the TV debates that took place before the referendum. Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stewart, for instance.

    Much as I think that Gove is a snake, I actually think he came over as slightly more committed to Leave than Boris. Boris sent a text to David Cameron 9 minutes before he went on TV to say he would be supporting Leave, telling him that he would be doing so, but that he expected Leave to be crushed.

    Was it all originally planned, thinking that it would fail and get the subject of the EU off the political agenda?
    Remember the ridiculous statement on the side of the bus? It is almost like they tried to scupper their own side.

    IMO both Gove and Boris want the top job and both saw this as their key to number 10. What neither of them realised is that the cause they used as the lever to do so, would actually win.
    Hoping instead that when the real opportunity arose, that all Leave voters would support them to become PM.

    Is this still Boris’s motive and why he comes over as even more committed to a hard Brexit now, than he came over as being so before the referendum?

    As for Gove, I think he has shot himself in the foot now. Just look at his speech at Oxford last year, which was to some extent inspirational and compare it to this year, which was total bullpoo and waffle!
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  10. neilo

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    At least the slimy git has done something useful in his career then.(y):whistle:
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  11. turbo

    turbo Member

    The way gove has changed his mind to back mays deal shows he wasn’t ever committed to it in the first place,if he had backed Boris and he had gone in a head to head contest with may who do you think the grass roots would of backed?This way he split the vote and knew neither would get any chance of getting the leaders job shows what his true intentions were
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  12. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Gove was always a very committed Brexiteer. He has spent his life campaigning against the EU.
    Boris on the other hand is a consummate politician of the old public school patrician kind , who believe they were born to lead. He honestly believed that Brexit was lost as he was always a committed remainer. He thought by putting his oar in when he did would put him in pole position with both right and left of the conservative party after Cameron stood down sometime in the future. He called wrong , as did so many.

    Gove is no friend of the Eton club, they all despise him as bumpkin. He has absolutely no time for any of them unless they are useful to him
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  13. Happy

    Happy Member

    Just the rabid environmentalist ones he needs to fund his constituency election campaign in return for a seat on the board of Defra then.
  14. egbert

    egbert Member

    any factoids in that fruity assertion? (I'd find them useful)
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  15. Two Tone

    Two Tone Member

    With a bit of Luck, Gove won't be in his present job for much longer. If it should turn out to be a hard Brexit, Food production will need to be prioritized more and rewilding less. Which isn't what his priorities or vision is right now.

    Maybe that is why he is supporting Mrs. May's deal.
    Or maybe it is because he doesn't relish the job of doing what will actually become necessary if we got a hard Brexit!

    Turncoat snake or what?
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  16. Muck Spreader

    Muck Spreader Member

    Might be wise to temper your opinions of him. Come April and he may well be free to do what he wants with all your futures. :inpain:
  17. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    He’ll be PM within two weeks when May resigns Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning after losing the vote.

    You heard it here first ....
  18. Raider112

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    Thank you very much for spoiling my sunday!
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  19. egbert

    egbert Member

    gawd help us all
  20. turbo

    turbo Member

    No chance,upset too many people getting where he is to get elected by the party
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