Grader works well in poached grassland

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    Many people tackle the job of repairing ruts around field entrances and across slopes through compression. They get the roller out and flatten the high spots. Edwin Arblaster, Carmarthen, made this machine some ten years ago to do the job differently, as he wanted to actually move the earth from the high points to the low.

    The 16in wide RSJ is not only heavy, it also has the capacity to carry a good deal of material along with it. The sharp edge of the girder works well in cutting off the proud parts and moving them into ruts. The 9ft 6ins wide blade overlaps the tractor so the edge can be used to pull material from the edge of the lane into the middle.

    The leveller is a machine which maybe will do only a few hours work a year, yet the work is important. The 'made it myself' implement ties up minimal capital, yet performs well on both field and lane.


    The 16in deep girder provides weight and capacity which allows it to iron out bad ruts in fields and gateways

    With this much metal there's little need to add much in the way of bracing

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