Grain bin costs?

If you know you will grow a minimum area then bins are the most cost effective storage system especially if you plan to store for 6 months

not every where has alternative uses for building

the uk will always need 6 million tonnes wheat for milling and 2 million tonnes barley 2 million Tonnes of osr
half of it needs to be stored for 6 months

using farming planning permission as a back door to more lucrative use should be taxed heavily


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You could be right a 1000t bin conversion could be quite interestin.

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i guess cost per tonne falls with size? thats crazy money for a 600t store

I built a 650 tonne silo ( admittedly 10 years ago now ), including concrete base, aeration & unloading augers, for $84 K

bigger sizes are always more cost effective than smaller, but then you do lose the flexibility of being able to segregate various grades / qualities or different crops / varieties

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IF you are a SERIOUS grain grower, then bins / silos are the ONLY way to go for long term storage, maintaining quality & insect / pest control, and also for segregation or blending of different grades & quality, or for different crop types.
If you are more of a small time property developer than a real farmer & are looking at ways to get around planning rules, then yeah, sheds might be the go for you . . .

yeah, sheds ARE cheaper per tonne of storage, but are only really useful for short term storage of bulk generic low quality “feed” grains. Not so good for long term storage ( which you can get paid for by the buyers - we call it “carry” ) of quality milling grades though. Suppose that’s not such an issue in the UK 🤣🤣🤣
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1100t in three hopper bottom bins with aeration ,fans temperature cables and built on site cost me 138k canadian Dollars concrete,rebar and gravel was another 50k give or take a few hundred bucks. All site prepared and concrete poured by ourselves at the farm plus a couple of colony friends. Hard graft for four hours but saved a small fortune getting it laid. Hoppers were the expensive part I feel but the Loading auger we already use to fill other bins and no other infrastructure needed. Should last me out and still retain a decent value for the next generation.

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