Grass situation for all


How is everyone getting on this year with amountsof grass?

With fertilisers so high we have only used it once on grazing ground but now as it has all ran out and weather is getting very dry woth ground being solid it is disappearing onfront of us very very quickly.

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South Pennines
Been an awfully long dry but cool spell, grass never got going , shut mowing meadows up late and desperate to get it cut to give some clean grazing
To be fair we don’t use fert but spread bedding muck


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Weve had no real amount of rain for weeks now. Couple of little thundery storms but nothing much to do more than wet the grass. Grounds like concrete so when it does finally come there will be floods everywhere. Just keeping fingers crossed for a late summer and a warm autumn to grow some winter keep.

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good first round grazing, with 0 very good first cut, with 40 units, 2nd round grazing, had 30units, and ok. Then it stopped raining, and we have struggled with grass, and fed some 2nd cut. The 2nd cut, at 7 weeks, ok, with 30u and slurry. Now we have had rain, been round most with 30u N.
Unusually, first cut, pretty well sorted us out, with a bit left from last year, 2nd cut allright, and bound to be a 3rd.
made 120 5 string hay, and some more to do
and maize looks ok
28 acres of corn, have had full dose.
All in all, been a funny summer, but enough grub for the winter, so apart from the dry spell, coped on a third of normal fert, just a pity it worked out, about the same price.


Dry as chips now and nothing but the white clover trying to grow, walked some wheat crops yesterday and there were some big cracks in the ground. Silage crops have been good. Water table isnt so bad but thunderstorms followed by extreme heat burns grazing grass worse than anything.


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A grass nerd answer....
Growth here has been below demand all through June since about the 20th of May. Demand isn't exactly high either at 20kg/dm/ha because my cows and calves are off the grazing ground for a while yet. It should be higher than that as well because I have some silage ground just come back being measured it would be 25ish otherwise and will be more when the cows have to come back from their summer holiday on some rough grazing in the next couple of weeks to bring demand up even more...
growth is at 24kg for the last 2 weeks I'd expect it to start with at least a 3 or even a 4 or 5 isn't unheard of.
Cull ewes going tomorrow and some more cattle on Wednesday will bring demand down to 18kg. Can bring it down a bit more by weaning the lambs. Don't see me with much else to sell for a month or so but will have a look for some lambs in the singles when I pull the Cull ewes out tomorrow.
60ish acres of silage ground to be cut any day now that will see me right but I need to cut it and it needs to grow back first.
It's been bloody dry for a long time. Until this weekend just been we haven't had much of any rain since I can't remember when. Ground has been dry since before lambing.
just looked on agri net, I have averaged 3.47 tonnes/Ha dry matter growth this year to date over the whole farm, I have no idea if that is good or bad? How does it compare? What is everyone else doing?
How did you find that on agrinet? I use it but never found a way to see a running total of what I've grown like that.
no idea, I can never remember what I pressed, for someone who is not twp, I can be surprisingly so at times! No idea, just been looking, couldn't find it, interesting to see growth this week 31.5 kg/Ha, this week last year, 31 kg/Ha

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