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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by FarmboyJ, Jan 7, 2019.

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    Happy new year to everybody.

    Recently i've been have great difficulty in identifying weeds, especially grass weeds. Does anybody have any tips that could help ID weeds.?
  2. Great In Grass

    BASF does a useful free "Weed ID" app for both Android and Apple.
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  3. shakerator

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    Hairs and auricles are a good start
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    I find the Bayer weed ID app very useful. The AHDB also have published a pretty comprehensive weed ID book. I struggled up until doing BASIS, but the course is very good for getting the basics of weed ID drilled into your brain!
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  6. If you practice a bit, you will soon be able to spot the sinister ones, they are easy to spot.

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