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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Vernon, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Vernon

    Vernon Member

    Can anyone recommend a decent make of grease gun? Never has any job caused as much swearing or bad temper from father as the morning grease round. Thought I might treat him to a new one

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  2. raiderz

    raiderz Member

    County Durham
  3. Pingu

    Pingu Member

    A speedy grease gun leave the rest in shed spend to much time throwing them other side the yard when constantly air lock etc. Got our one cheap from pan anglia
  4. spikeislander

    spikeislander Member

    I looked at a speedy one but you need two hands I like the pistol ones as half the time you have to hold something right to get at nipple! That sounds wrong
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  5. phil t

    phil t Member

    Had my standard sparex one years no bother
  6. Spudie

    Spudie Member

    Ards C.Down
    Said before speedy grease is the one threw across the yard
  7. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    Cordless alemite 14 volt or the new fancy 18volt one that tells you what grease is left and how much is being pumped in.
  8. Niteforce

    Niteforce Member

    East Yorks
    Got 2/3 A500's brilliant guns hardly ever air lock but I got a Milwaukee battery powered grease gun just before Xmas , it's fantastic the A500,s are in semi retirement now.
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  9. Grassman

    Grassman Member

    Fuchs is the best I have.
    So easy to swap the cartridge as it just screws on.
    And I have never had an air block!
    I use it rather than an electric grease gun I have as you can feel and hear if the grease is going where it should.
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  10. Dan7626

    Dan7626 Member

    A500 is our best gun, fill it straight out of the bucket, hardly ever air locks. It's outlasted many of our other grease guns.
  11. Suckndiesel

    Suckndiesel Member

    +1 Fuchs
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  12. dontknowanything

    Another vote here for Alemite. The connectors aren't great but once you put on a good one they are excellent tools.
  13. Sebastian

    Sebastian Member

    I bought the Fuchs one and a box of Fuchs grease cartridges last year, based on discussions on this forum. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner. I have tried various grease guns and this is the best solution in my opinion.

    I got mine from here


    Or the slightly cheaper ones

    They also come in packs of 6
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  14. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    Our bog standard C. K. has lasted years, despite being run over. I always fill with loose grease - no air pockets, no problem.

    Those that blame the tool do not know how to use it.
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  15. Bobthebuilder

    Bobthebuilder Member

    A lot of the time it's the cartridge not the gun at fault
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  16. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    You gotta know how to use your tool:ROFLMAO:
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  17. ACEngineering

    ACEngineering Member

    Yes I will go with that too, opened a JCB cartridge last week had a good 1" of air at the top, had to tap it down on the bench to get grease to come to the top were it should be. don't see this often but just now and again and on all makes of cartridge.

    Going over to lithium Moly grease now instead of the JCB blue grease. Moly grease supposed to be best for loader pins and bushes. That red stuff with the silver specs in it is useless stuff.
  18. cheggars

    cheggars Member

  19. Bobthebuilder

    Bobthebuilder Member

    Yup we're on the jcb blue grease and sometimes think they are only half full as it takes no time at all to use 1 up :/
  20. scholland

    scholland Member

    Jd lube shuttle
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