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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Bobthebuilder, Jul 8, 2019.

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    So, you don't wear this... upload_2019-7-10_22-50-14.jpeg .....all the time then:scratchhead: :p:p
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    north yorkshire
    Yep Hour long show , 3 minutes ramming thru some of the livestock class winners and a highland c oo .
    Julian spent more time climbing the pole than t`hey showed farming … a sign of todays world !!!!
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  3. Bobthebuilder

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    It would’ve melted
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    As usual, bad reporting re the Lim Male champion that spooked and slipped - initial report on Yorkshire Post site used word ‘rampaging’. Any bull caught as quickly as he was (I was updated by someone who watched it all) was not ‘rampaging’ it’s sloppy sensationalist reporting and so I and I guess a few others told YP they were out of order. While it’s shame we have to be so careful these days, I’m surprised the public are allowed in sheds during judging. Don’t know any other major show that is so relaxed - thrhneed to check their insurance !

    Handler is fine now, thankfully and it could have been any breed, any time in those particular circumstances (umbrella opened virtually in bull’s face). Really felt for breeder as missed his opportunity to challenge for breed champion
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  6. JP1

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    Yes to back you up, the breeder has got a statement in the press where he points out the previous reporting hadn't even asked him. Apparently the bull was spooked by someone shaking an umbrella
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    Kind of given up on the Yorkshire show. It’s gone much the same way the Royal show, Lincolnshire and others did. Too commercial, too mainstream for townies and for them not in farming, too horsey and then it’s too expensive to get in.

    Most shows now are a fashion show for both men and women, a platform to show off, brag and swagger about. I just want to go for a nice day out looking around at quality livestock, machinery and ideas for the farm without some prize Pratt flaunting something they haven’t got in public trying to impress the mass crowds. Most agricultural show Le are very far removed from what they once were and will soon loose any tie to the industry. Look at how minuscule the machinery and farm section is at the GYS.

    I’ll save my time and days off for Driffield show and Ashover. Highland this year was an eye opener for me on how large shows can still stick to agriculture if they don’t allow the tat to take over.
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    York, UK
    @Rob-B I am currently waiting for things to calm down before taking my cattle home from GYS. I have shown here and Lincolnshire Show, as well as several other one day shows for several years now.

    The Lincolnshire Show is far better laid out and far more agricultural than the GYS as well as being better organised and stewarded as an exhibitor.
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    That’s good to hear. It’ll be 5 years or more since I went to Lincs show. There was voiced frustration then and seems it might have been listened to.
  10. Northeastfarmer

    well I got offered free tickets for today and still didn’t bother going
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    must've been bath day was it :LOL:
  12. Northeastfarmer

    Thats next week
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    East yorks
    Well we enjoyed our 2 days as usual. Bits for everyone to see and the weather played ball
  14. bert

    bert Member

    2 days at the show! You must be really hungover now :D
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    My highlight of the show yesterday.. Look Norths Keely Edwards mmmmmmmmmmm
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  16. Aha another connosewer of a fine form....? :whistle:
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    You going to convert her to a meat eater then?:whistle: (friggin stick insect anyway)
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    I could make exceptions when it comes to keely.
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  19. D.S.S18

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    I think you should be grateful the stewards give up their week to support the exhibitors, whatever show you go to it won't be as good as this one or that one, it is a show which has to appeal to everyone, we went yesterday for the first time in a couple of years and we still didn't get round it all, had a very enjoyable day.

    if you don't like it - you don't have to go.......
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    @AF Salers I will pass that comment to some of the stewards, they will be delighted, they do have security at the gates while the majority of the showing is done in the cattle section of the Lincs show and it works well. We even got Guy Smith down the lines a couple of years ago. One of the breed patrons watches the showing from his mobility scooter at 102 years old. If an animal is unsafe it should not be there but should be left in the field! Saying that even a sound animal is sometimes spooked for no apparent reason.

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