Greenstar and Yara N Sensor

Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by bantammatt, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. bantammatt

    bantammatt Member

    Does anyone know if it's possible to run the N sensor from a Greenstar 2630 and do away with the x-20 box? Looked it up online and there seems to be some info that it could be done, wondered whether anybody else had researched it or tried. Our x-20 screen is past it's best and it would be nice to have one less in the cab!
  2. CPP

    CPP Member

    I belelive the x20 always has to be connected to the n sensor
  3. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Are Precision Decisions represented in here?
  4. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    no expert but I cant see it being possible. I believe the reason a x20 is still required for N sensor is that it is a windows device (x30 isn't and neither is a Greenstar terminal)

    as x20's are getting old and never were the most reliable of devices I wonder what happens to all the N sensors when the current x20's fail eventually ?
  5. IPF-UK

    IPF-UK Member

    Agree with CPP and Clive, I think the X20 is required to run the software for the N sensor. There are tablets running windows 10 that might be able to run the software if X20s fail, would require getting the software from Yara however... Alternatively use EyeCrop satellite imagery for variable N and run plans through whatever screen you like ;)
  6. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Other image providers are available :)
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  7. bantammatt

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    Been told it can be linked to the Greenstar if you're doing liquid n but can't get rid of the x20 when spreading solid. Agree the x20 is showing it's age!!
  8. Robt

    Robt Member

    So if liquid no x20, if solid you need it? Are you sure, who told you? What's the difference
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  9. bantammatt

    bantammatt Member

    I'm not sure no im more than likely getting muddled up. Can the Greenstar screen control your John Deere sprayer and therefore have N sensor info fed into it to vary the liquid fert application? Maybe this still goes through the x20?
  10. drifter

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    All over the place
    X20 runs the Nsensor software this can be linked to greenstar using the Nsensor unlock via field doc connect. The greenstar then sends the rate to whatever is on the back. JD sprayer for liquid N via isobus, solid fert if spreader is isobus works same as liquid. If not isobus then 2nd field doc connect cable via RS232 into the spreaders own rate controller, if thats the case why use the greenstar as the x20 will work RS232 connection no problem.
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  11. SoilMadYorkie

    SoilMadYorkie New Member

    North Yorkshire
    I have heard Precision Decisions are bringing out a new screen shortly, it will be available in two screen sizes. its currently in the last phases of testing on farm. I think it was on the Yara stand at Lamma.
  12. Simon Robbins

    Simon Robbins Member

    Yes but only just logged in sorry about that
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