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Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by Retraceh, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Retraceh

    Retraceh Member

    Just about to get into auto steer etc and I was wondering if I should go with a JD greenstar system or an independent such as AgLeader/Topcon/Trimble.

    My situation
    -New to me 2009 JD 690i combine which is greenstar ready
    -New to me 2014 Claas axion 840 autosteer ready sprayer tractor - pulling chafer sentry with AgLeader insight controller
    -2011 Claas axion 850 non auto steer ready - drill tractor

    I would like
    -Auto steer and yield mapping on the combine
    -Auto steer and a better receiver on the sprayer to improve the auto shut off as current getting gps signal from a black box and auto shut off doesn’t seem the reliable
    -Auto steer on the 850 and utilise the variable rate seeding on the mizuri still

    Options I have found at the moment are
    1 - get a JD 2630 with 6000 receiver to go directly on the combine and get a universal steering wheel conversion for the tractors. Use 6000 receiver to improve his signal to sprayer.
    Cost approx £15,650

    2- get an AgLeader or Topcon to fit onto the combine and tractors. They would have to fit their own yield mapping equipment which I think is the main difference in price.
    rough estimates from Topcon & AgLeader £20-22k

    At the moment the JD system seems to be the way to go due to cost and the fact that it will go straight into the combine.

    Is there much difference between the systems? If I were to change direction in the future is the JD system more sellable? Thoughts much appreciated.
  2. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    When we first started with gps it was Greenstar, right back in brown box days when it was only availble on racked machines

    Within a couple of years I realised how restrictive that would be so sold what we had and went to topcon which allowed me to move between brands easier - glad I did that early before we had invested too much

    The equipment since then been in John Deere, Cat, class, Bateman, Horsch and now Fendt machines so glad it did it this way - and I’ve never bought a single unlock code etc along the way !

    Looking at used prices topcon / agleader etc seem worth more than Greenstar as they have a bigger market - and don’t forget the unlock codes from JD which cost fortunes

    Buying JD ties you to their tractors in the future (which is their master plan of course !) - it can be fitted to other brands but not without significant cost (unlocks) and added complication
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  3. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    I would add you can mix and match systems - we use class own gps in our combine but wirhva topcon radio so it will run on our RTK system

    Moving away from a combine manufacturer system would be complex re sensors etc I imagine although these days of can and iso maybe not quite so
  4. njneer

    njneer Member

    Make sure you price it all precisely , greenstar often seems cheaper initially on first viewing then you find that section control and variable rate etc are extra which require additional unlocks and at extra cost I think, and please do your own research don’t take my word for it, Topcom have VR and SC in the price .
  5. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    How much are Unlock codes from Trimble,Topcon etc these days to RTK?
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  6. Serup

    Serup Member

    You don't buy any extra unlocks depending of brand you use it on. You buy an unlock for the screen, and then it will do this function no matter where you use it.

    I have a 2630 monitor and 3000 receiver, which i use on different brands. It do autosteer, section control and "application by map" which i don't know what they call, on 2 drills (tempo and solitair) and possibly a fertiliser spreader soon. Kverneland wants crazy money for allowing any monitor to access their spreaders - possibly to make their own system look cheaper.

    I bought 2 unlocks, one for section control and one for autosteer. I have had the system for 6 years now, and so far used it on 4 tractors.

    I choose JD because they put autosteer on a non-ready, non-deere cheaper than others at the time, and they had the best free signal (sf1) at the time. I don't know how that is today.

    As i understand it, putting a system on a steer-ready tractor of a "wrong" brand, is more expensive, more complicated, and can be nightmare if it doesn't work. I would look into what the "right" system for the claas tractor cost, or ask for guarantee from deere that their system will work as promised for the agreed price.
  7. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    I’ve never had to buy a. Unlock for topcon - it all came fully unlocked

    I think the new x35 we have coming next month has to pay for auto turn though
  8. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    I think that applies if you run RTK or similar throughout the machines life, but i want to progress from HP2/rangepoint to RTK on a Trimble FM750 so I can see a potential cost looming?
  9. tr250

    tr250 Member

    Is that a satel radio you use
  10. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    We didn’t have to buy unlocks when we went RTK
  11. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Not sure ! leave all that to LH agro !
  12. Speedstar

    Speedstar Member

    Scottish Borders
    Go RTK , on trimble , greenstar is very expensive to get the unlock codes , it is a pay , pay pay system
  13. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    Were you not running SF2 when you ran Deeres, rather than Topcon?

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