Greenstar units stolen from E Dorset

Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by Brisel, May 27, 2019.

  1. That's a very valid point! Would nt be too difficult to gather some information on public forums like this!
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  2. whatnow

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    Two receivers and a 2630 screen stolen from near Salisbury last night. Not far from you so presumably the same people
  3. MX7

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    With all the technology built in to this gps equipment, surely it should have a built in tamper/motion sensor built in so that which when the tractor is locked up the tamper/ motion sensor alarm is activated irrespective of whether the equipment is mounted externally of the cab or in the cab. The alarm would need to be literally ear drum piercing,like a “Master Blaster” alarm siren.
    Goodness only knows how much GPS equipment will be stolen this harvest especially on JD combines,just as if one doesn’t have enough problems at harvest!!
  4. Chae1

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    Fit a bomb in one. Blow them up.

    Seriously, it would be easy enough for John deere to remotely shut them down making them worthless and they'd stop stealing them. They'd do it soon enough if your subscription went a day out .
  5. Brisel

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    The hardware doesn’t exist inside them to block it though JD have registered them as stolen so the next “owner” shouldn’t be able to update or upgrade them. Even mobile phones that have been terminated remotely can be decoded but it does make them a bit “hotter”
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    North of York

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