Groundsel control


Struggling with controlling groundsel, used Tribenuron last year at 30g/ha, seemed to work best when mixed with tebuconazole, so what adjuvants would have the same characteristics as teb?
Is there anything else that would give more reliable control, don’t want to use Dff as I think it kills soil biology as indicated by a missed strip.


The last few years I've had problems with groundsel, it slips throught autumn PDM and DFF.
Tribenuron is the best but I had very disappointing results last year because of the cold Spring.
From memory activator 90 is good with SUs and is what I'll be using this spring.

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It would be the florasulam part as I don't think fluroxyyr does anything for groundsel.

I've had good results using paramount(florasulam) on mayweeds
Wouldn’t starane have a go with trib? I’m sure it has an effect on thistles which are same family? I had quite a long thread on this a while back.


Picolinafen is about the best, I've used tower in the past and groundsel still creeps in later on.

As for groundsel suppressing yield. I don't think it does in misted numbers and spraying is delayed it can have flowered and be in the way to dieing anyway.


Bayers Altenator met, flufenacet, dff, metribuzin in the autumn, will still get spring germinaters. Usually su in the spring will sort this whilst covering any other blw


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Does groundsel suppress yield that much? Easier and cheaper to live with it? Call it biodiversity if anyone asks
A bit does not suppress yield but that can soon turn into a lot. I found a lot running to seed in winter cover crops before DD spring crops and it was starting to become a problem weed on chalk soils.

As above, tribenuron or florasulam work best in cereals.


One of those seeds that are highly plastic, miserable little things with minimal seed return beneath thick crops, but in thin crops or widely spaced veg or fruit, potentiall y 4000 seeds from each lusty plant.
Don't let it seed or you will be seeing it in big numbers until doomsday.

I wouldn't get too hung up about soil chemistry/biology- ALL pesticides affect this. Trying to say one is better than the other in this regard is like saying I only burn £20 notes in my woodburner rather than £10's. I would try to avoid using a lot of SUs solely as you will put a lot of pressure on them and promote resistance.

CMPP I seem to remember being useful for groundsel but don't quote me on that.

Nufarm had a very handy phenoxy herbicide chart, here:


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