Groundswell 2019

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  1. [​IMG] 3:25
    The Grassfed Exchange - Regeneration Rising - Duration: 3 minutes, 25 seconds.
    • 3 weeks ago

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  2. heres one for the UK contingent

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  3. Patrick JE

    Patrick JE New Member

    North Yorkshire
    Great stuff, thanks for that.
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  4. Fred

    Fred Member

    Mid Northants
    I reckon this chap would be good

  5. 'find a neighbour to partner with' :unsure:

    'we know we get enough moisture.... and we get lots of sunlight .. but its trying to get that moisture so its there when we need it later ...and building the soil is the way to do it'
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  6. martian

    martian DD Moderator

    N Herts
    Thanks for posting this, someone else recommended him (and his wife) as speakers as he is doing such interesting stuff. Good to see, very interesting
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  7. How about Allan Savory himself? He won't be here forever...
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  8. SimonD

    SimonD Member

    He’s on Twitter and pretty interesting, Loran Steinlage is another No-till farmer with a different approach to farming.
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  9. kiwi

    kiwi Member

    Wow. That video of Derek was inspirational to a conventional notill farmer.
    He is amazingly doing what a lot of us might try on a few acres but large scale. Thanks for posting.
  10. Fred

    Fred Member

    Mid Northants
    I thought so its from a series of videos from youtube called Menoken Farm
  11. Has Jay Fuhrer been over? He's a very personable, he's tells a good story - not a farmer but a good extension officer.
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  12. martian

    martian DD Moderator

    N Herts
    Funnily enough we're just negotiating with his bosses to see if he can come this year. Very interesting man and, as you say, tells a good story. I'm very excited at the prospect of having him over
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  13. York

    York Member

    Yes, Jay fuhrer is a very good one who is sharing of sound experience. sort of sientific back bone of the Brown farm.
    has been over in D some years ago. For many topics he was tooo early to speak on. Good that things have developed further over here.
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  14. JimAndy

    JimAndy Member

    would anyone know how much a Taxi from Luton to the show would be, i'm hopping to go this year and want to make a few plans
  15. Brisel

    Brisel Member

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  16. Where in Luton? We're only 12 miles south of Luton and I plan on going both days again. I could probably detour to pick you up and drop you off.

    Silly me, you're in Northern Ireland so clearly Luton Airport. No problem though.
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  17. martian

    martian DD Moderator

    N Herts
    It's probably about £35, Uber would be cheaper. But it's worth hooking up with BASE Ireland as there's normally a good contingent flying over. Or take up holwellcourtfarm's kind offer.
    It looks like we've got Allan Savory coming to speak this year, which is very exciting
  18. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Sorry @Hard Graft - I'd forgotten what your username was... Will you be over from NI for Groundswell?
  19. jonnyjon

    jonnyjon Member

  20. Hard Graft

    Hard Graft Member

    British Isles
    yes i will be over but planning on driving over as hope to get down your way as well.
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