GS4 Grass Mixture

24 acres of GS 4 legume and herb rich grass mix for sale.Greenland seeds mixture. Purchased for a mid tier scheme which Natural England then rejected. Dry stored on a pallet with the shrink wrap still on it.For sale as we are now leaving the farm. Could deliver sensible distance next week once we have finished combining Willing to do a deal on the whole lot at sensible money.£50 per acre.


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Livestock Farmer
I have about 8 acres left, can't exactly remember as we have been moving farms and it is all a bit of blur! If it is of interest get back to me and I can bring it back as I am going down to the old farm later this week.

CHAP Webinar - Innovative tools to overcome the challenges of Regen Ag

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Applying principles of regen ag can incur a range of on-farm challenges. Learn how innovative tools & machinery can help with these hurdles.

This event will be held online from 1pm to 2pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021 so please block it out in your diary.

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