GSHP to dry grain

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by Hutcho, Dec 4, 2017.

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    would the pond mats work if placed in a river
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    You need to have the correct energy to extract from the ground for the heat pump to run efficiently. You don't want to draw too much energy as it will struggle to re charge the ground again and worst case is permanent frost.
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    Hi @Hutcho, did you make any progress on this? Considering something similar myself
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    You should look at water source from bore hole open loop , this at 45 degree flow temperature will achieve around 5.5kW out of 1kW power and should be good enough for drying. We are looking to heat and cool thus speeding up the process with extracting the moisture with a second heat exchanger
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    Hi Folks,
    Just jumping in here here to introduce you to our medium temperature (75oC), high temperature (80oC - 95oC) and steam series (130oC) range of heat pumps, we can provide both ground and water source units with temperature output anywhere in between to suit your applcation, with capacities from 30kW to 1.7MW, We also have a new range of air source units for 82oC currently only available in 320kW versions.
    Our equipment is manufactured by Ocshner Energietechnik and we are UK export partners for them.
    Please feel free to contact me directly at
    Simply Cooler are Members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.
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    What COP can you achieve with an air source pump with ambient air temp of 0degC and supplying 82degC?
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    what do the heat pumps use to get up these high temperatures, do they have electric immersion heaters in them for these higher temps.
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    Hi Guys, apologies for ;late reply, we have been away installing.
    With regards to COP as requested the tech parameters are as follows:

    Operating Point Air 0°C > W 82°C
    Heating Capacity 395kW
    COP 1,9

    The machines use 1234yf refrigerant, a low GWP refrigerant with higher heating and cooling capacity, so no electric heaters required to bring the temperature up to the higher point.

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