Guests taking a lend ?

Ok so we have holiday cottages rented out with sleeping for 6 people , since lockdown has ended we are finding people are booking a cottage say 3 bedroom then arriving with motor homes we just had guests leave today who arrived with 2 motor homes a d parked them on the drive we suspect there was about 10 in total, makes for a very cheap cottage they also stripped the place of loo roll :) , that must me taking the mick ?
We have similar problems with a 5 unit caravan site.
We are creating an information sheet. We didn’t want a “don’t do this don’t do that “ type of document but it seems necessary and covers the issues we have experienced.
We have a bad on line review which says we were overcharging. They wanted a pitch and a kids pup tent. No problem, one pitch fee. Two full units arrived. They turned nasty when we said 2 pitches = 2 fees.
And then 99.9% are lovely people who just want a great time and many of them want to know what’s happening on the farm etc.

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daughter has a camper van, and trying to prebook sites devon/cornwall this year has been difficult, most fully booked, so terrific demand.
So if demand is there, use it, guv has let free 'pop up sites', or 5 space caravan sites etc, xbedroom cottage, with adjoining 'campsite', can be booked together. You can use it profitably. From daughters experience, families meet up, and camp together. They are in a group that have old VW vans, which are very popular.
So work from the other end - how can l profit from these extra's.


I get it a little with air bnb I charge £10 night for dogs 🐕 just had a couple turn up yesterday with two dogs unpaid for , I’m very strict let them away with nothjng about one guest in four try’s to take the pee with something or other but not been bumped yet air bnb are very good , had one booked paid for 5 turned up with 11 wouldn’t pay at all but air bnb paid with in a week and banned them from booking mine ever again . I think been remote helps me because they are uneasy out of their comfort zone so when challenged about their antics they buckle rather easily 😂


Still don’t see the problem they paid for the cottage and the facility’s
Yes, they paid for the cottage and it’s facilities which has three bedrooms (ie fit for around 6 people). They haven’t paid for the cottage and for two extra camper vans full of more families.
Christ, the campsite down here charge for more than one car, let alone motor homes.
Like I say, you to a hotel you pay for a room and the facilities. You don’t pay for the room and facilities and expect your mates to be able to sleep in the car then use the facilities too.
It’s the same thing

New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

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New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

Written by Defra Press Office

A wide river is in view in a valley in the background, a drystone wall is behind the river, and large, green trees are prominent in the scene.

The Rivers Trust has today launched its State of Our Rivers report aiming to allow the English public understand and explore the health of their rivers on a national and local scale.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow and Environment Agency Director John Leyland attended the launch panel to discuss the ways in which the...