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Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by Valtra Man, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Valtra Man

    Valtra Man Member

    Whats everyone’s thoughts on these compared to a direct drill?
    Would they be better for stitching in clover?
    Are they easy to take the roller off the back and use separately with the seeder or is it a pain so you wouldn’t bother?
    How many passes do you actually need to get enough tilth in grassland?
    Realistically what weight and hp tractor do you need in the hills to handle one with them being close on 2t?
    I see they do an alpine model with smaller lighter roller, would this be ‘enough’ on grass into grass or should you just stick with the heavy roller?
  2. Put this thread in the direct drilling general section as it will stay on the board a lot longer and maybe get a better response.

    As to effectiveness they do have their place for overseeding however they are not a direct drill.

    For clover seeds they would scuff the ground up to give some suitable conditions.(y)
  3. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Watten, caithness
    We have stitched in italian with 1 and it did the job fine. Contractor has a harrow on the front links aswell though.
    He sowed our lawn with it too into bare soil and it came up good.
  4. Valtra Man

    Valtra Man Member

    I haven’t got front links so that’s why I wondered about the weight and number of passes.

    Sounds promising, I’m thinking of one for clover into new pp once the weeds are sorted and also for sowing the pp after a fodder crop??

    Thanks for moving it, was going to ask how I did it(y)
  5. mezz

    mezz Member

    We've had contractors using a guttler quite a few times for sowing ryegrass and kale. Only ever used the one pass of the guttler. One contractor had a scarificer on the front links. That is a good job. The contractors usually have a 100-120hp tractor with 3m machine and very steep and rough hills here.

    We normally try and leave it 4-6 weeks between spraying and sowing and graze it off as hard as possible after spraying. Leaving it a while means the grass and roots start to rot so the guttler can break it up much better than stuff only sprayed 5 days ago. We also always apply lime to counteract the decaying grass even if the soil test doesn't recommend it.

    Although it often doesn't look much of a seed bed, compared to mintill with a power harrow, the establishment has always been as good. However we get a decent amount of rain usually. The wetter the ground the better the tilth with the guttler.
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  6. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Watten, caithness
    Guy here recommends when the tyres just leave a print is best. Not too dry .
  7. Valtra Man

    Valtra Man Member

    That’s good to hear regarding the one pass and the relatively low hp requirement.

    They do a lighter roller version so I’m not too sure which model to go for as I’m wondering about the weight issue compared to the reduction in damage and press going by for a lighter machine.

    Are they a pain to split in sections? I see they can be used as a Harrow or a roller separately so was wondering about going for the heavy version and splitting it if it didn’t suit..

    I can see why they wouldn’t suit if ground conditions were too dry.
  8. Peppa pig

    Peppa pig Member

    Castle douglas
    Had a look through pics and this is one that shows best how easy it would split.theres a stand at far side comes down either side of roller.2 pins and top link off it will be split.10 min job mybe at most. 20181026_130430.jpg
  9. Valtra Man

    Valtra Man Member

    Sounds a simple enough job. Not something I really want to be doing but just not sure if my tractor will handle the weight with it being nearly 2t so still thinking of the lighter model.
    What size hopper is on yours? Is it 410?
    It’s either go for the heavy one with the possibility of splitting or just go for the lighter roller..
  10. Peppa pig

    Peppa pig Member

    Castle douglas
    Not sure of litre size but holds roughly 100kg of grass seed.i dont know anything of the lighter roller but my opinion would be the roller is a fairly important part of seed-soil contact
  11. Valtra Man

    Valtra Man Member

    Think that’s the 410 jobbie. They do a 200 to make it lighter but it’s too small.

    That’s my primary concern, I think you’re right regarding the roller as being the main reason the machines successful so I’m hesitant to go lighter in case it doesn’t do the job as efficiently. Think there’s about 300kg difference in rollers so a fairly substantial saving on weight but could be to the detriment of the machines capabilities..

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