H beam/ upright column repair?


Mixed Farmer
central scotland
What would the collective thinking be about making a repair to this shed upright ? All input welcome 🙏


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Mixed Farmer
central scotland
Plate it with a couple of L shaped plates and bolt into concrete
This is what I’m thinking an L shaped plate down the middle of the web with the leg out into the open and weld another angle /flat bar across the H further up the column as well...... and if that doesn’t work it will be concrete and shuttering


Mixed Farmer
What would the collective thinking be about making a repair to this shed upright ? All input welcome 🙏

We had that in all the staunchions down one side of one of the buildings here when we arrived, only FAR worse. You could have kicked a football through most of the holes!

As it was structural, the estate sorted it by getting contractors in to put some shuttering round them and fill with reinforced concrete to about 4’ deep.
No idea if it’s a# strong structurally, but at least they’re protected from further weakening…. maybe? Out of sight out of mind.🤐

If it were my property, I think I’d opt for welding in another section as above, before protecting it from the cause of the damage.

Bucks Boy

Mixed Farmer
Call that a hole! Had to cut 2 foot square hole around upright. Break concrete down 8 inches. Sandblast. Welded plates in both sides of gusset and on both faces. Paint and re concrete. Wrapping them in concrete won’t stop the rot.


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Mixed Farmer
SW Scotland
Fixed a couple of 10in stanchions here by digging down about 8in and putting a piece of 9in channel in each side.

Round off the back corners of the channel to fit inside the stanchion, pull them in tight with a couple of bolts, and weld round the top.

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Man fined £300 for bonfire-related waste offences

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

A man has pleaded guilty at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court to waste offences relating to a bonfire next to the electrical sub-station on the Circular Road in Newtownards, Co. Down.

Gareth Gill (51) of Abbot’s Walk, Newtownards pleaded guilty to two charges under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, for which he was fined £150 each and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy

On June 25, 2018, PSNI officers went to Gill’s yard, where they found a large amount of waste consisting of scrap wood, pallets, carpet and underlay.

Discussion with Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) officers confirmed the site...