Haltering Bull calves


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My first Baby Bull Calf . My Red Angus/Brahma Cross heifer gave me my first Bull Calf. My intentions are to keep him a bull . He will be a pet and nothing more. My calf is a Red Angus Brahma Cross and Brahma. He has all the characteristics of his full breed Brahma only minus the droopy ears. He is very curious , not afraid of people and loves to be rubbed ad brushed . My question is , should I put a halter on him now at 3 months? Will it teach him that when I m around him am in control and may not be aggressive?
I welcome any suggestions how to develop a dolce behavior for my baby bull calf .

Bald n Grumpy

Livestock Farmer
Hope he loses those characteristics you mention before he gets to a tonne
Pet and bull shouldn't go together IMO
Certainly start him on a halter asap leave him tied up for a few minutes until he gets used to it then start walking him
Get him haltered and tied so he's used to it and he'll never forget that the halter is boss but don't overdo the petting and brushing, especially the front end. Nothing worse than a full grown bull that wants you to scratch his head because he won't give up pushing towards you,up against walls ,fences etc

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