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Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by dontknowanything, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. dontknowanything

    OK, I think I have managed to find where to buy the harder Rockwell 55C discs for a 750a, as opposed to the OEMs which are 48-52 hardness. The price will be around the £35-37 mark, and they supposedly last much longer than the normal versions. Is anyone interested in having a set?
  2. Tractor Boy

    Tractor Boy Member

    Yes. I'd be interested. I've been waiting to get a set of the harder discs rather than buying a set of cheaper ones. Need 24 for a 4m machine. Only in mid Suffolk so could pick up from your area if needed.
  3. dontknowanything

    OK, we will see. Had some further info after posting this that actually they may not be the harder ones. It's a pain!
  4. I have to tell you i did this research in the past and im sure the discs were not as hard as you say.
  5. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Apm ones are as hard as OE and last as long from my experience

    However they are no longer any cheaper than JD ones bought right
  6. dontknowanything

    Which discs? OEM are 50 +/- 2. Bellota did, or at least used to, make 55.
  7. marco

    marco Member

    tipperary, ireland
  8. York

    York Member

    that would also be one of the places I would go. list price is on the internet:
    Ingersoll blade for JD 50, 60, 90-series

    Ingersoll (Canada) opener blade, JD 50/60/90 drills. Dramatically sharper when new, and stay sharp longer than JD and aftermarket blades for these drills—Exapta’s are made with a higher quality proprietary steel formulation by Ingersoll. Same dimensions as OEM new.
    Looks to me a good pricing, even if you add the shipping.
  9. Shipping would kill it.
  10. dontknowanything

    I'm not sure, I have a quote for £385 sea freight.
  11. Simon Chiles

    Simon Chiles DD Moderator

    Having spent half the night trawling the internet ( Thanks David ) this is the info I have. Firstly the spec is not only about hardness, the JD specs for discs run to some 25 pages long. Having looked through Bellota's catalog they don't seem to list a JD disc anymore, and the other discs they list for seeders are all 50 RC. They do make 55 RC discs but these are for disc harrows and not seeders.
    Ingersoll discs are also 50 RC, I think they make them in 4 and 5 mm thickness, hence Exapta's claim for 25% more wear. However all the JD discs I've had are 5mm thick. Also Ingersoll are a supplier to JD. JD have, I think, 9 different factories around the globe who make discs for them.
    I suspect, but don't know, that the production of the harder discs became uneconomic, JD discs used to have a RRP of £60 and when they were everyone was trying to source them cheaper. The solution is to persuade someone ( probably JD ) that you are willing to pay more for a harder disc, by my calculations a disc that meets the right spec and is 55 RC could be £100 and would still be cheaper than a 50 RC at £39.
    Note Boron Steel hardness is 50 RC +/- 2.
  12. I am interested if they are genuinely harder.
  13. What we need is one of these companies like spaldings, apm, avenue or pan anglia to buy a shitload of the best discs from the factory or the USA (and boots, and firming wheels, and spoked wheels and bushes and seed firmers) and we call all run our drills a bit cheaper
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  14. dontknowanything

    Ah well, this odyssey is at an end. There is obviously some shenanigans going on, because not only do Bellota say they do not make 750a discs, they also say they never have made them at RC55, and they have never supplied anything to JD...which goes against what I have heard from several different sources.

    Oh well, if they don't want to do it, they don't want to do it.
  15. So what's the next best option then?
  16. Honestly I wouldn't worry too much. Yes they are pita to change but they're not that expensive in the great scheme of things. i've bought them from APM and Avenue in the past for all sorts of prices from £19 to £30 odd and from the dealer. Its just one of things you'll have to accept doing about once every two years I'd say.

    Per acre they're not too bad, wherever they're from - wait til you have to change boots!! By the way I've run a bead of hardfacing on my boots and have found it well worth but the angle of my boot is different to the modern 750a.
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  17. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    JD ones are cheap enough esp on the TFF group buy deal. My last set did 2500ac and 2 guys can change a 6m in 3hrs

    Metal cost really are not a big deal on a 750a at all, much lower than our Varderstad rapid used to be certainly

    My soils are pretty abrasive as well, pretty sure on less sandy stuff you would get more acres from a set
  18. I also think they seem to last longer the more no tilling you do - soil mellows a bit. By the way @dontknowanything have you definitely already worn yours out in one season? You'll lose the first few mm quite quickly but have they gone down beyond bevel already?
  19. dontknowanything

    I really hope mine haven't worn out as the drill hasn't been delivered yet. I was just looking to get a cheap set in a group but whilst it was available
  20. I asked Ben Burgess to swap ours with yours whilst they were both at the depot and it was too cold for you to come out of the house.
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