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    i bet the price of old seed harrows are on the up in your area at farm sales,just remember where you leave them
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    Or a buried pallet in the gateway with a good trench underneath ............

    Neighbour called the other day mentioned a few names to me, living in new houses beside us. As the hour changed, he has started to use the side spreader in the middle of the night on grass fields they have taken over (at night) for recreational use, leaving his boundary fences in tatters.

    Its all very stressful for everyone involved ..........
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  3. Yeah something like that....

    Hence the purchase of a headland plough to get a deep furrow/trench on our one exposed bit of ground.

    2 caught up the road Wednesday. 2 caught Tue the other side of the next village.

    Still lots of land in the area with open gateways/easy access. All ours pretty much blocked up etc.
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  4. One Show on BBC1 covering it now.

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