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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Yorkshire lad, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Yorkshire lad

    Yorkshire lad Member

    yo42 4tc
    The Grain Trade AHDB ect are all predicting a better harvest than than i think we will have. What are crops like across the members on Tff.
    I farm in the vale of York on heavy flat land . We struggled with the wet autumn and winter and the cold wet spring. Crops are thin and seem to have small ears and have areas where the crop has not survived .
    Spring cereals are poor being drilled late and have ironically needed rain
    Having contract sprayed cereals locally i've yet to see any crops of the quality of last year ,even the Wolds seem to have suffered
  2. jon9000

    jon9000 Member

    Snap our crops are cap too. Howe've I'm in the vale too. Think we'll be half a ton down per acre on last year's wheat
  3. Sonoftheheir

    Sonoftheheir Member

    West Suffolk
    TBH our cereals are looking the best I’ve ever seen them. Locally they all look good. I just think we’ve had perfect conditions throughout, although we could do with a little rain now.

    I am expecting 4t acre milling wheat, winter barley may be a bit below this, just hope the wind doesn’t knock it down today.

    Spring barley looks good too.

    All could change between now and harvest though!
  4. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Dont think it will be as good as last year.far too much rubbish in crops everywhere this year.hope im wrong though
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  5. Spud

    Spud Member

    In the same Vale here as @jon9000 & @Yorkshire lad, and I concurr, it wont be owt flash this year!

    W Wheat - some very good, some bloody awful - guess 0.5t/ac down on average (light land after beans and spuds looking best, the bit of heavier stuff we did get sown, traditionally the best wheat land here, will do well to hit 3t/ac
    S wheat - direct drilled on heavy land originally destined for winter wheat - looks ok mostly, bar one field. wont break any records
    W barley - pretty much as normal, though its all on light land, it ought to be ok
    S barley - ok but will be 20% at least down on revenue, its very short, and thin in more bodied areas. Ploughed and sown after sugar beet.
    S oats - direct drilled on heavy land - look much better after cover crop than not - very variable this year, 10% down best guess
    W beans - sown on lighter land destined for spring beans originally, too wet at establishment, moderate crop, 1.2t/ac if I'm very lucky!
    S beans - sown where winter beans should be - moderate to crap to failure. Knocked out 10ac that was very very thin and full of brome, blackgrass and redshank
    No OSR here, but variable locally, topside crops look better than those on low land.

    Beet & taties look ok to press, though ready for rain
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  6. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    No vintage year here. Half the farm in spring crops that were sown very late. Spring beans are terribly thin & short. S Barley is extremely short and bolting to ear at 1 foot tall. S Oats are the same. W Wheat looks ok but some WOBM damage as I didn't spray anything for them. W Osr looks ok. Everything needs rain now & nothing significant is in the forecast.
  7. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Wheat variable. Expect down a bit.
    Osr at home I expect to be a third down as last year was ace.
    Barley up.
    Spring oats down 25 percent.
    Linseed will be up .
  8. bankrupt

    bankrupt Member

    Think we'll be a ton and a half down per acre on last year's wheat.

    Quite possibly more.
  9. Winter Wheat looking very good. Low disease and just enough rain when needed. Bit short in places but still growing
    Winter Barley looking amazing (could be in 4t/acre 2nd cereal like 2013 - cold spring, tall crops, massive heads)
    OSR - Django looks pretty good actually. Plenty of pods but I never know with OSR
    Spring Wheat - hard to say. Its very behind but its not suffering
    Spring Barley - if I average 1.5t acre I'll be happy. Generally pretty damn poor.
    Spring Beans - a bit short, a bit thin, not looking terribly floral but only just started. Might do ok. Virtually no disease so far

    But a lot can change yet but it is not Spring Barleys year at all
  10. Everything except my osr looks 100% better than it did 3 or 4 weeks ago. Osr looks like it’ll be cery variable as the majority was on clay this time and it hasn’t enjoyed the water. Spring barley and peas were a worry due to drill date but have romped on to look respectable now. Worried about the peas roofing down into a mess with the ploughing being like a jelly but seem ok and very even (apart from pigeon spots) thus far
  11. D14

    D14 Member

    We have a very average year last year but this years crops look great all round from what Ive seen. I was crop judging osr recently in the cotswolds and I don't think we saw any bad crops from the car and certainly didn't see any bad osr crops in the competition entries.
  12. marshallfarm

    marshallfarm Member

    Lincolnshire, UK
    Was looking like being above average but yield dissapearing daily due to drought
  13. bankrupt

    bankrupt Member

    Same here, Brisel.

    Our rain gun experiments a few years ago concluded about 0.5t/acre advantage for every inch supplied where moisture was limiting..

    We currently have a 3" Soil Moisture Deficit.

  14. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    WW on light ground looks good although ears are short, on heavy it is a bit patchy in places.
    OSR looks good but can deceive.
    SB looks good on light land but poor on heavier land.
    SW looks ok so far.
    Not expecting any records to be broken this year, average at best but a way till harvest yet.
  15. Fromebridge

    Fromebridge Member

    Just trying to keep prices down?
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  16. benny6910

    benny6910 Member

    First wheat looks ok so far, t3 due this weekend so will get a better look at them then.
    Spring barley is average slow/ late start and lack of mositure hasn’t helped
    OSR looks promising but not holding my hopes up as looks can be deceiving.

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  17. Chalky

    Chalky Member

    Rain-or rather the current complete lack of it will be the biggest determinant here. Cereals look well despite what they have put up with, most OSR likewise. The moisture left in the rootzone will sharp start to become exhausted with no replenishment. Again!
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  18. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    our crops have certainly improved in looks, .Ear size ,generally ok but not massive though flowering in sunshine will help final yield/bushel weight. Maybe not as many tillers as normal but being short tends to give a look of not such full crops( will have to measure a few quadrats so will have a better idea then) , no disease ,heavy moisture retentive land cracking but still moisture if we dig .Its the patches that struggled in the wet and cold that will pull final yield down as nearly every field has a poor 5% cant see us breaking any records nor will it be the disaster it looked like a couple of months ago .Thinking harvest will be earlier showing plants are trying to make seed sooner rather than later .With luck can see us getting somewhere near our running average which will mean less grain to sell than the last couple of years .better grain prices will help but straw yield will be well down and cant see the straw buyers being able to make the price/ton match the output in £s/acre of last year on the bit we sell
  19. snarling bee

    snarling bee Member

    1st Wheat after beans looks well
    1st Wheat after Oats has small ears and thin.
    2nd wheat after sewage cake and or compost looks great.
    Other 2nd wheat looks distinctly average.
    But all wheat has got OWBM damage and other blind grain sites.
    OSR has looked good then poor, now average.
    Winter Hybrid barley, all after cake or compost, but 3rd cereal, looks great.
    Winter Beans, dirty and hard to tell.
    Spring barley all there, but late so hard to tell.

    Need a bit of rain now though, even on our heavy stuff.
  20. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    Very much not excited here. Desperate for rain

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