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25’ on the 560, I’d like another 560tt or equivalent but that may be pushing the budget some! Like I say there’s a lot of factors to take in before spending on another machine.
I’d need to get the people who’ve offered the extra work to guaranty the work for at least two years, but most important though I’d need a good operator as I just don’t have time to run round after someone!
I’m only throwing ideas around at this stage as I’m also looking at a new grain store which won’t be cheap🙄
Sorry I meant transport width on the road? I know 570tt are 3.3m just wondering how wide a 560 was..

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China pig recovery drives Genus growth

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Written by Jamie Day

A trading update from animal genetics business Genus says trading in the first four months of the current year, to October 31st 2019, has seen volumes, revenues and adjusted profit grow across its PIC and ABS pig and cattle divisions. The global pig business is benefitting from rising pigmeat prices in China, following the African […]

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