Harvey Weinstein

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sid, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Sid

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    South Molton
    Why oh why didn't any of these so called celebrities say something? To me they are as guilty as him.
  2. Rust

    Rust Member

    They all want to be in the gang now !
  3. topground

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    North Somerset.
    I was at a wake last week and a female that I know slightly and who is 20 years younger than me came over to where I was sat on a bar stool, put her arms around me uninvited and kept them there for about five minutes while leaning on me so close contact.
    Should I wait 10 years then complain?
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  4. Partly because he was so rich and powerful I guess.

    Interesting the comparison between the tolerance for this guy, big Hollywood mogul, very big supporter of liberal causes both in Hollywood and at the top level in Washington.

    Wonder if there would have been the same amount of tolerance for someone on the right......and poor..?
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  5. the hollywood casing couch has been well talked about for years
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  6. Rust

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    I believe Marilyn Monroe always said she had participated.

    Must have caused a few fellas trouble at home
  7. David.

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    J11 M40
    There's nothing quite like kicking a man when he's down .. sleazy old git or not.
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  8. How much

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    North East
    As said above , all of sudden all the stars are speaking out , you could perhaps understand some wan-be not wanting to speak up but but what about the superstars or the retired superstar of film !!!
    he is a sleazy low life , but is that a surprise to anyone ?
    Mind the BBC news tonight 20 mins on about him , i think there may be some other news in the world ! or dare i say Britain

    I switched it off

    I should no better than watch the BBC news , they are great at somethings but they have lost there way with news in recent years cant seem to report anything without having some sort of agenda you genuinely get a more balanced view of the world From SKY news
  9. Old Boar

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    West Wales
    I can pretty well bet that there have been complaints in the past, but money and power made them go away.
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  10. Dman2

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    Durham, UK
    Why hasn`t he been arrested yet?
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  11. So not too dissimilar to Bill..... :whistle: Hillary knows more than she lets on too:rolleyes:
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  12. willy

    willy Member

    Also surely he's innocent until proven guilty, the uk press and Jeremy vine have already hung drawn and quartered him.
  13. A disgusting story. If some of the experiences disclosed are true, a jail term and a rehab program is fully deserved.
    What I find a bit strange, is that some ladies joined the accusing crowd with no-stories. Ok, an old pervert offered you massage while you were dining out and you refused and went home (which probably was a wise decision as we know now from other stories). I don't dispute it must have been extremely unpleasant, but probably does not qualify anywhere close to being sexually violated. Looks more like ' I solemnly swear that I didn't take the Hollywood couch route, I got it all through pure talent and hard work'.
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  14. Some of the big name stars surely had the cash and position to act well before now.
    Paltrow reportedly told Brad Pitt about it and he had a go at the bloke, didn't do much though.
    Putting career before justice is no excuse.
  15. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    There seems to be a mustn't rock the boat culture around harrassment that falls short of actual sexual assault; in workplaces, social circles etc.
    There are plenty of people of both sexes who make excuses for, and turn a blind eye to similar men, who just have a reputation as a bit of an old letch.
    I remember one in particular from YFC days, an old man then and now long dead; and it was an open secret that he was a bit "handy" with pretty girls, no worse than that; and allowances were made for his behavior. We are all more complicit than we care to admit in not calling things out and being seen as a trouble-maker.
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  16. You have to be careful not to throw stones in a glass house though, back in the day when chasing girls did none of us put a hand on a bum when we thought it was appreciated only to be told to go away?
    Should the police have been called, maybe I don't know.
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  17. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    I was trying to engage with my feminine side, and see it from the girls involved perspective.
    But the one to which I refer was worse than that, and yet still "borderline".
  18. llamedos

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    Oop North ish
    Do they have to be as bad or as famous as he is to make it count?
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  19. The problem is that you think it was no worse than that, and as you said this effectively creates an atmosphere which could cast doubts on any actual victim's story; as in HW case, some cases could be discounted as simply rude flirting/courting, but some seem to be genuine sexual violence / rape accounts.
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  20. Bald Rick

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    Imagine him coming at you naked possibly in a "state of excitement" ............

    Sleep well tonight
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