has anybody used Clipex fencing? general thoughts & opinions appreciated

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by APL, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. APL

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    We have around 50 acres of low meadows to stock fence for sheep, having a look at the clipex fencing as in theory it seems good, quicker installation and longer life time... just wondering what experiences people have had with it and whether they would recommend? I was also wondering whether anybody knows if its compatible with the countryside stewardship scheme grant for fencing?

    cheers APL
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  3. General-Lee

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    Yes used and liked it. We bash in motorway crash barrier uprights as strainers/gate posts then infill with Clippex.

    1st time of using did same as conventional, posts in then netting the netting snagged on most posts.

    Only been in 3-4 years so can’t comment on longevity but only needs to last couple more years and will overtake the 00’s poor wooden posts.
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  4. Poorbuthappy

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    Several threads on here if you do a search.
    Generally most people who have used it like it (me included).
    Doesn't look as nice as a timber based fence if aesthetics are important but much easier / quicker to install and good projected longevity.
    I shall be using more.
    Can't answer the grant compatibility question I'm afraid.
  5. JP1

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    Neighbouring farmer at my girlfriend's (good tidy farmer) has done a field. I just don't like the corner detailing with the floor rods. Maybe it's my eyes but they look like they look in
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    We have fenced a field with it, and would use it again. Bit expensive, but hoping it will be worth it in the long run. Fed up with wooden posts rotting off at the bottom.

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