Haverfordwest to Cornwall

Discussion in 'Haulage and Backloads' started by pellow, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. pellow

    pellow Member

    There are 4 road signs at Haverfordwest that I would like, is anybody travelling to Devon or Cornwall from there?
  2. Chrisw

    Chrisw Member

    Honey brothers haulage from holsworthy are bringing a trailer down from North Wales to me next week. could be worth an ask?? ::)
  3. Thick Farmer

    Thick Farmer Member

    West Wales
    Which signs are they? I’ve got a tool box and a pickup. :whistle:
  4. pellow

    pellow Member

    They are "Lorrys Turning" and "Caution Site Entrance" signs
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  5. d williams

    d williams Member

    @roscoe erfbrign some that wheat stew back at £12/ bale for me
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  6. I’m just wondering which road signs he wants me to pinch
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