Haverhill welder/generator problems

I have a Haverhill welder gen, like this one below


now once you start to use power, the engine is running fine, but the volts drop off to nothing,
and same with welding, every thing running fine, soon as you strike an ark, again the power drops off to nothing, but the engine is still running as it should, and it dont kick in and drag the engine down a little to kick the govener in and pull hard,

i think it might be the condencer, its looks like a 40mm round by 80mm tall and 2 wires to it,
would i be right?

TIA john

El arado

Murcia. Spain
Could be the cap', but why do you think so. Best check all connections, usually generators have an "exciter card" which basically kick starts the output. Look for corroded connections etc., if the windings look good then it will be a cheap repair, check out RS Components for spares, they aren't the cheapest but they carry the stock. Haverhill have been around for years, and are reliable machines.

El arado

Murcia. Spain

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