Heart age test

Is your "Heart Age" older or younger than your real age ?

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It's far too crude to tell you anything, basically a BMI calculation disguised as something more.

What I have is a smart watch/band that interfaces via Bluetooth to an app on my phone. It monitors my heart rate, step count, exercise, and sleep patterns.

My resting heart rate averages 60bpm ( 9/10 ), and unlike the NHS who think I'm overweight ( er no I'm not ) the app suggests I lose 0.1kg to be spot on weight. Sleep I get 7/10 as I wake more than average during the night and have a light sleeping pattern, it's called having 3 young children!!

Overall I'm very pleased with the results..........luckily the app doesn't monitor my beer intake though!!!!


Showed this to my other half (doctor) and she said its just a very basic glimpse because a full checkup would be required to give you an accurate result. Things like diet, alcohol consumption, drug use now and historical, how you heart rate rises and drops, 24 hour blood pressure check, blood tests, kidney/liver function, lung capacity. To do all that is at least half a day at a test facility and you can do it privately.


Durham, UK
Mine came out at 56 a year and a bit older than I am, If I knew my BP and cholesterol it might be lower all I know is they are all good. Also always come out a border line obese even though I am probably only about 1/2 a stone overweight. Always have done.
Same here came out at 56
But I am 52, and carrying a few extra pounds, although at 6` 4" and broad anyway I am never going to be a lightweight

I certainly would`nt put you as being obese though
Just did it now. Heart age 47, real age 45.

I'm just over 6ft 1" (186cm). My BMI is 23.7. My current body fat according to my Fitbit scales is 19.2%

I put in the data from my last cholesterol check (5.1) and blood pressure (140/68) was done about 7 months ago, so the data is bit old, and also I was a lot heavier then (not that BMI is everything, but it was 29.3 back then :eek:).

I will probably go and get an updated cholesterol (brings heart age down to 45) and blood pressure (brings heart age down to 44) check done, as these appear to be the main things 'wrong'.


Its well worth adding blueberries to your daily diet chaps, 30ml of concentrate a day works wonders.

Helps the blood flow, increases brain activity and should help the heart.


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