Hedge Plants mid tier


Mixed Farmer
South West
I've got 1100 m of hedging to go in for Mid Tier, what's anyone's experience on best plants to use and sort of price to be paying per plant (2 year transplants)



I wouldn't plant much blackthorn as it suckers like buggery. I would go mainly hawthorn with a bit of dogwood, field maple, hazel, guelder rose, crab apple as a good wildlife hedge, but best bet is to look at some local old hedges and see what grows well.
It's a hedge not an attraction , do you work for NE ?
I have found that above about 1000 feet, Blackthorn really does not do, so up in the hills, quick thorn definitely. I don't know how many rabbits you have, but I can't stand spiral guards, as after a few years they need taking up to stop them becoming micro plastic waste, I would say the same about laying a plastic mat below the hedge plants. I do neither, and the hedges grow really well, in spite of what the "experts" may say!

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