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Hello there,
Had a lim x blue heifer calve a week ago now. She’s got very very little milk and a big calf to feed, he’s just keeping going on her at the moment but he’s not getting full. What do you think the best course of action is? She’s inside at the moment but could turn out onto some nice grass? Tia


Aye that’s grand cheees. Little bugger will not suck a bottle though, keen as mustard on the actual cow. Tubed him for the first few days.
Keep ur calf away from sucking it's mother for couple of hours... then let in to suck.. and u be on standby with the bottle.. as soon as u thing its getting nothing of the mother.. u put bottle to it.. it not be long drinking it then... hungry works magic...


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Fennel seed and milk thistle help bring milk in. Can mix it in with a bit of grain or some other high protein treat that can also help boost milk. She's probably a fair size so not like she'll need lots of grain or she'll get too fat.... but a bit shouldn't hurt.
Separate cow and calf and then only allow the calf to feed 2-3 times a day. Get heifer on grass in the day, loads of cake and fodder at night in a shed. As othgers say, you can really monitor what it's having at the same time as encouraging milk.
I just calved a cow that calved in a hurry had a massive calf and had little milk. I milked a recently calved cow to get some colostrum and gave it more colostrum when the next one calved later that day. She’s on fodderbeet cake and silage and apart from the 2 bottles of colostrum she’s keeping him going now

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