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Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Shutesy, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    Trying out liquid fert this year alongside our usual solid.
    Got a spare space on my rotating nozzle holders on the sprayer so going to go with the fert nozzle route rather than dribble bars.
    Having read just about every thread on here I've decided to go with Hardi Quintastreams which seem to be a popular choice.
    However I'm struggling to get my head round exactly which colour nozzle I need due to the differences in SG between water and fert and want to get some second opinions.
    We have Omex 24N + 7.5 SO3 which is 1.26 SG and I want to apply it at 200l/ha (250kg/ha)
    Our Berthoud sprayer is pressure sensor based (does this make a difference) so I believe I just enter the SG into the control screen and the sprayer will adjust the pressure up for the higher SG compared to water.
    We haven't got a massive acreage to cover so I don't need to be doing 15kph, 10kph is probably plenty IMO. I assume I need to be keeping the pressure at about 1-2 Bar to try and avoid atomisation and scorch?
    Below is the Hardi quintastream selection chart, currently I think I need an 06 Grey nozzle? 204lpm @ 10kph @1.5Bar?
    Hardi nozzle guide.png
  2. Fish

    Fish Member

    North yorkshire
    The flow rates given in those charts are for water, I would use whites, to both keep you speed up and pressure down.
    For liquid fert, pressure is the enemy.
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  3. Bertie

    Bertie Member

    I've just gone through a similar process using the same product. I've gone for 08's for rates of around 230-260l/ha and 04's for the lower rates, assuming speeds of around 14kph and pressure of 2.5bar. Pressure is the enemy but conditions are just as important.

    I got mine from Neil at Simpers Trade Counter
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  4. Simon Chiles

    Simon Chiles DD Moderator

    If @Shutesy only has one spare place on his nozzle holder he’d should buy the largest nozzle he is likely to need, to get lower rates you can just dilute the fert with water, or at least that’s what my son does. For example if he had the 200 litres/ha nozzle and wanted to apply only 100 litres/ha you could obviously mix the fert and water 50/50. Just don’t forget to tell the rate controller that the SG in his case would now be 1.13 ie the average of 1.26 for the fert and 1.00 for the water. If you need a different rate just vary the amount of water you use and change the SG accordingly.
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  5. Bman

    Bman Member

    Cambs Essex
    Red agroco nozzle is what you want.
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  6. Badshot

    Badshot Member

    Works very well
    And using the different restrictors means you can vary the rate along the outside of the boom to give the outside a bit more, making up for the shortfall from the spinner.
  7. nonemouse

    nonemouse Member

    North yorks
    if we are throwing different nozzles into the mix, for the OPs rates I would go with lechler FD nozzles (brown 05) very impressed after a season with them
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  8. DieselRob

    DieselRob Member

    North Yorkshire
    I've just bought a set of 08 Hypro ESI nozzles to apply 250-350l of the same 24n7.5so3 so I think you're right to choose the 06 nozzle for 200l rate. To do 250l I'll be at 14kph and towards 3 bar so might end up diluting the fert if i find speed and pressure to be a problem. Flow based rather than pressure based system here so no messing around with SG
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  9. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    Im erring towards the 06s. With the acreage I have to do I dont need to be going 12kph+. Im happier at 9kph and a bit more control over my booms where the fields arent so level.
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  10. Wheatseeker

    Wheatseeker Member

    We use the whites for 200 litre/ha at 14k, which sits quite nicely at 2 bar. Grey 06 should do the same at 10k. What I would say is that they work well at even 1 bar, so you are better aiming at the lowest end of the pressure range.
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  11. Al R

    Al R Member

    West Wales
    Having used a fair few makes, including a lot with agroco nozzles (scorch o’clock) I used Hypro ESI’s last year and found them incredible in terms of versatility, scorching, spread pattern, application heights, tucks into the boom nicely. My first rate choice would always be ESI’s.
  12. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    FWIW we use either Quintastream white 08 or 10 Light Blues at 200 to 300 l/ha on average. Dont be tempted to run much below 1.5 bar as you will find some nozzles reluctant to open soon enough.Good pressure back up helps with some nozzle types I have found.
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