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Good afternoon,
Just spent a couple of hours trying to find a replacement bar and chain for my komatsu (zenoah) chainsaw and its all much more complicated than I expected.
Currently fitted with an oregon bar 200 - D176
And a chain (I think oregon) type 72 which means 3/8 x 0.50 and 70 drive links. Now I can get a chain to match this no bother but can I find a bar to match/fit chain can I f***. Has someone put the wrong chain and bar together maybe, I don't know but out of several websites none seem to have correct bar. Any help gratefully received.
Many Thanks


nr. preston
I had same issues a while back with a efcho saw .
Not at all simple
I found someone on ebay as good as owt for copy chains , blind stickinsect springs to mind , big ebay shop , big .

Not helpful but as my propper saws are stihl , all the backup is there iyswim
I use my cheep saws on shity jobs , propper for propper.

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