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  1. Weser

    Weser New Member


    After a little advice or opinions on what system to go for as a first time user.

    We are a small arable family farm only farming about 260 acres. However we want to move onto gps and eventually guidance but there are so many options. To start with I want to use it for the spraying and pre-emergent spreading etc. so after section control. We have a Team sprayer with ISO-bus control. Also a horsch drill on the ISO-bus. I was looking at the mueller systems are they any good? I want to be able to retro fit auto steer on some of the tractors and maybe our old MF32 combine at some point if it’s possible?
    The tractors aren’t the newest and I have seen the auto steer with the friction motors that drive the steering wheels. Are they reliable? Do they slip?

    Any help on where to start with a good budget/basic system would be greatly received.

  2. Northern farmer

    Which screen do you have with the Horsch drill? Is it not upgradable for section control and steering guidance or even auto steer?

    An EGNOS capable GPS receiver would not be expensive if EGNOS accuracy is sufficient for you.
  3. Weser

    Weser New Member

    I think it’s a drill manager screen. If that sounds right. Doesn’t seem to be able to do anything else other than the drill.

    I was looking at getting a new screen that could do section control and auto steer. A track guide 2/3. However didn’t know if this was the best route to go.
  4. Mfrost

    Mfrost New Member

    if the Drill manager screen looks fairly similar to the attached you are looking at just rate feed as far as i am aware, can be manipulated via a serial feed with some additional connectors and a compatible 3rd party VRT solution. by the sounds of it VRT is not on your list currently so i would say new setup would be required for what you are looking for. upload_2019-1-11_11-56-2.png
  5. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    Why not contact Agtron and ask if they can help, they make the Drill Manager controls for that era.
  6. Weser

    Weser New Member


    This is my screen. A bit more modern. No VRT I’m afraid. So I agree a new setup is the way forward - but how do I choose which one? There is a lot available.

    Unfortunately due to the recent death of my dad I’m quite new to the business side of the farm. I’ve been involved in the running etc but not with suppliers and business contacts. We had started to look at this before but now I would like to get it sorted but don’t have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to suppliers and where to go for this setup.
  7. Northern farmer

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  8. Weser

    Weser New Member

    Thank you.

    I think it’s a 2006 drill off the top of my head. Yes made by müller and should fit there latest screens. Is their track guide system any good can anyone tell me? Do people get on with it ok?
    I was looking at going with Müller but struggling with a supplier as David King at DK Electronics says he can supply to the end user anymore. I would like to buy new so I have to support on setup and how to use it as it’s the first system I would of used. Anyone know of any suppliers other than DK Electronics?
  9. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    If of any help there will soon be a new grant window opening for such items that might be worth exploring as I think you might get a 40% grant towards the costs of guidance.
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  10. Matt77

    Matt77 Member

    Romney marsh
    I can’t help with the other stuff but I’ve the CNH version of the track guide motor, it works but it’s a bit jerky and makes the steering wheel stiff when you’re in control but it transferable and cheap (ish), it suits my budget and has given me a auto steer sprayer, I’ve a video of it working on my phone, if I can figure out how to upload it I’ll post if you’re interested.
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  11. Slick

    Slick Member

    Vantage England and Wales (formerly A S Communications) are now Muller elektronic suppliers.
    I'm not sure if it's officially official yet but they had a Muller man and a Trackguide III on their Lamma stand.
  12. Weser

    Weser New Member

    Perfect thanks I will send them an email!

    Yes would be interested if you don’t mind. I was thinking of going down this route as it suits my budget better as well. Is it reliable - no slippage etc?
  13. Matt77

    Matt77 Member

    Romney marsh
    No slippage what’s so ever, the more I’ve used it the better it’s been, a bloody good calibration makes all the difference!! I’ll look for a clip, it was a few years back.
  14. Matt77

    Matt77 Member

    Romney marsh
    Sorry I can’t work out how to put a video clip on here :facepalm:
  15. Weser

    Weser New Member

    No problem. Thanks for all the information!

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