Heptavac. Anyone not bother??

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  1. Heptavac must be a license to print money - for the manufacturer - given that we are all "in the system ".

    Do any of you not bother with it??

  2. Purli R

    Purli R Member

    Is it supposed to be an insurance policy
  3. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    Heptavac or Heptavac P?
  4. If you have seen Ben Strugnell's excellent presentation on post-mortem findings in a knackers yard, you wouldn't even be asking the question. The diseases sheep are protected from by the vaccines are major causes of death in unvaccinated sheep.
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  5. hubbahubba

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    Sunny Glasgow
    I only started maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I can honestly say I don't loose any more or any less ewes or lambs as I did before I started it. Although I will probably carry on and do so as worried if I stop I may have a lot more deaths.
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  6. dogandstick

    dogandstick Member

    on the horizon
    Just considering dropping the P in the adult sheep and switching to Bravoxin 10 for the pre lambing boost.

    Does anyone know how much risk pasteurella is in adult sheep, and will missing the "P" increase the risk to lambs? (We vaccinate all keeping lambs with P in the autumn anyway)
  7. exmoor dave

    exmoor dave Member

    exmoor, uk
    What prompted us to start heptivacing about 10yrs ago, was starting to record all deaths, we always knew we had a "bit" of a problem with pulpy kidney at 3-4 weeks, but didn't realise the scale of it til we recorded the deaths.

    Still get the very odd pulpy death but we're talking a absolute fraction of what we used to have.

    Did also do orf vaccine for a few years but don't think we got enough benefit from it to continue.

    Toxovax a absolute must here!
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  8. valtraman

    valtraman Member

    We have never used just use bravoxin 10 and don't loose many sheep , bravoxin is cheap as chips, how much is heptavac
  9. Wouldn't consider NOT using Hep P now. Certainly made a difference to me. If they could produce one that stops sheep jumping in the dykes and drowning then that would be even better.
  10. Newby

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    East Yorkshire
    I know of a couple of early lambing flocks that the lambs never leave the shed, they are fed intensively for the early market, my question being would it be a waste of time covering these flocks due to the way their kept?
  11. neilo

    neilo Member

    I went to a sheep group meeting last night, where we had a discussion with a prominent sheep vet that has her own flock too. That's exactly what she did. Heptavac P+ for the ewe lambs and yearlings, then everything on to Bravoxin 10 after that. Her reasoning was that older sheep rarely get pasteurella and there's a clostridial disease covered by Bravoxin (but not Heptavac), that is becoming a lot more common. I can't remember the name of that clostridial, but it causes rotten smelly lambs then dead ewes.
    She was still doing her lambs with Ovivac P+ IIRC though.

    I've not been brave enough to stop yet, but seriously considering it. If only because I think MSD have been taking the pee with price hikes in recent years.:mad:
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  12. Northeastfarmer

    Don't bother with heptivacing ewes but ovivac all the lambs
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  13. dogandstick

    dogandstick Member

    on the horizon
    Our yearlings will have had a full course as lambs and another booster at 18 months, so I guess they could go to Bravoxin for the pre-lambing jab?
  14. GTB

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    Ceredigion, wales
    We stopped using Hep P and Ovi P last year. The cost was getting ridiculous. Now do everything with Bravoxin 10. Started doing lambs twice last year i.e. May and June/July and lost a lot less lambs than in previous years. Only used to do them once.
  15. neilo

    neilo Member

    They'd need 2 doses of Bravoxin to get onto that system, or the extra clostridials wouldn't be covered.
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  16. reverand

    reverand Member

    East lancs hills
    I ended up having a late lamb ( June) that missed getting a heptavac p jabs last year, guess which lamb I found dead in November after frosty night?:arghh:.
    I tried brovoxin the year before as a cost cutting exercise on the lambs and I lost a lot to pneumonia so back to hept p for me
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  17. CharcoalWally

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    West of Scotland
    Came off the Heptavac systems donkeys years ago , don't really remember exactly, could be 10-15 years now , and as things currently stand , I'm perfectly comfortable with the decision. It doesn't even cross my mind any more.

    Except for one year some time back. There was one lambing when I wasn't happy with lamb numbers lost after lambing. Spoke to my vets , and after consideration went back to heptavac P. Guess what? The next lambing I lost slightly more lambs. Came off it again after that and lamb mortalities fell.

    If you're going to make the choice to come off the programme, you have to be confident to live with your decision. If you don't do it , then you never know....

    Roll the dice.

    Or not.
  18. Guiggs

    Guiggs Member

    Do you use anything instead of the heptovac or nothing at all?
  19. jendan

    jendan Member

    Same here.
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  20. Bones

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    n Ireland
    Heptavac p all the ewes ,lambs are on a double dose of bravoxin , lambs used to get single dose , but to many deaths ,next year might do lambs with hepavac p ,still getting some deaths. So will see if the heptavac p makes a difference.:mad:

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