Heptavac. Anyone not bother??

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  1. Bwcho

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    Pasteurella or pneumonia?
  2. Dropped Heptavac P here nearly 10 years ago.

    Covexin8 everything per lambing (have wondered about using Brovoxin10). Apart for 3 years ago iv not regretted it... and even then it was only a handful of ewes I lost - probably cost less then the savings Ive made. The change in weather pattern, I did wonder about going back to Help P... but iv not 'jumped' yet.

    Don't vaccinate any lambs, atall. Stopped that just over 10yr ago. Absolutely no regrets there!!
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  3. Bwcho

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    Sorry @neilo, but just to clarify what the vet was saying:

    All lambs: Ovivac P.
    Ewe lambs(for breeding?): Heptavac P.
    All in-lamb ewes 4-6wks before lambing: Bravoxin 10.

    Have I got this right? Apologies for being a bit slow on the uptake :woot::bored:
  4. neilo

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    As I understood it, yes. Shearling ewes were on Heptavac P I think, then onto Bravoxin after.

    It was a question I was going to ask next (after I had asked about pasteurella that's not covered by the 'P'), after reading about it on here. @andybk does just the same IIRC.
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  5. scholland

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    Sordelli (spelling?) is one of the 2 not covered by hep. Neighbour now does his sheep with bravoxin and we had about 6 or 8 sheep die of it 2 years ago in the fortnight before lambing. Not had any that I've been aware of again so haven't switched vaccine yet.
  6. neilo

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    That's the one she mentioned.(y) Said it was getting more common.
  7. reverand

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    East lancs hills
    Pasteurella pneumonia
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  8. sheepwise

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    SW Scotland
    That's what we have always done here except use covexin instead of bravoxin.
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  9. dogandstick

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    on the horizon
    What do you reckon of sticking with Heptavac and skipping the P then?

  10. You can't.

    The plain Heptavac was removed from the market about 4 years ago. This is why I moved to Covexin8.
  11. andybk

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    Mendips Somerset
    yes done it that way for years , very rare to get pasturella in older sheep , though we do vax lambs as normal with ovivac p , and a booster in autumn (frosted clover and very new leys in winter after mild spells caused a few losses ) , and again following spring after shearing , then any keepers will go on covexin system pre lambing .
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  12. CharcoalWally

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    West of Scotland
    No , @Guiggs , don't use anything at all.
  13. Coximus

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    Is lambivac any good?
  14. sticky

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    Don't use anything,never have, and we buy and lamb anything from lambs to old ewes.
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  15. Newby

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    East Yorkshire
    How long do you keep them?
  16. huwralph

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    Where can this presentation be found?
  17. Tim W

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    Only started vaccinating for clostridials/pasturella 3 years ago (25 years without)
    Started due to large death rate in one flock one year
    It has vastly reduced lamb deaths from both causes
    lambs get Hepto+ and then onto Bravoxin as adults
    Here, adult deaths due to pasturella are v. low/non existent (as far as I know)
  18. shearerlad

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    At what price do folk reckon it becomes too expensive?

    I'm usually 50p per dose.

    All lambs get at same time as nemo dose and 2nd when ever 4 weeks after that occurs.
    Ewes pre lambing and also do hoggs at that time as I feel that it's too long to leave them until they are shearlings
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  19. Danllan

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    Sir Gar / Carms
    I'll get my hard hat on before I go further, but... despite the obvious fact that we will always lose some sheep to disease, am I the only one who thinks that continually vaccinating will reduce the residual enrichment of more resistant genes in each person's and the national flock?

    I am sure there are people with good stat's to demonstrate that hept' / hept' P have done their flocks and profits the world of good; but I know others in all parts of the UK except NI - in addition to some posts above - who haven't noticed any positive difference and some who have even seen increased mortality.

    Surely to use either hept' without prior need is a mistake? And then to be a slave to it for evermore, rather than seek an alternative long-term solution(s) is just to compound the mistake.

    Edit to add: @bovine is this wishful thinking?
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  20. Tim W

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    Agree with your thoughts ---the only reason I started using was because of a severe problem that developed

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