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Herbicide on DD wheat on the green

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by ChrisStep, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. ChrisStep

    ChrisStep New Member

    I'm planning to spray glyphosate onto rape volunteers then tine drill wheat the next day (1 inch dutch opener). Is there any point in spraying my usual pre-em mix of Liberator / pendimethalin onto 100 green cover OSR volunteers? Am I best leaving it and spraying post emergence when the cover has died back, or not bothering at all?
  2. Tractor Boy

    Tractor Boy Member

    In my opinion it depends how big the volunteers are. If they are only small plants I would drill and then mix the glyphosate and pre em together after drilling but obviously pre em. If, however, the volunteers are large plants then I think you will have to let them die back after glyphosate and then put your usual mix on or your pre em will get very poor ground coverage. It may well become a very early post em in that case.
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  3. jack6480

    jack6480 Member

    south lancs!
    I’m planning on drilling into large cover of rape with weaving and just round up no pre em or post em, worked last year
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  4. I used weaving gd then applied prem plus avadex and glyphosate as late after drilling as I dare wait last year
    least amount of black grass in the wheat compared to last few times the fields were wheat

    never had a problem with prem and surface cover
    the cover may delay bg emergence and thus give the prem a chance to be washed in
    or the delayed bg is weak before the winter comes and frost finishes it off

    the other big plus for leaving a strong osr cover until after drilling is that there is plenty of osr for the slugs so they leave the wheat seed and seedlings alone until the osr has disappeared and the wheat is past the most susceptible stage
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  5. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Why are you spraying glyphosate pre drilling ? Better to spray it a few days post drilling

    If you are going to pre em you can do it with the glyphosate as well that way

    Personally I would do the post drill glyphosate and shut the gate until spring unless there is a big grassweed issue to sort

    Agree 100% with @yellow belly above re slugs - keep them eating volenteer OSR as long as you can, until it’s gone they won’t touch the wheat
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  6. jack6480

    jack6480 Member

    south lancs!
    My fields are well covered in osr volunteers now, should I stubble rake again now to knock a few out or leave till I drill wheat

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