Herbicides for total plant control around farm buildings.


As above, what do you use to keep the ground clear of vegetation , which can act as cover for rats , around your farm buildings/ farmyard.
Do you use a contact and residual herbicide mix, or do you use a contact and weeds dead go over with residual?


Chikara is approved for the job and effective.

We use chikara or paradise/glyphosate, on its own glyphosate leaves nettles, epilobium and Canadian fleabane, and chikara has good residual activity. Likely a bit triclopyr amateur product will be needed for nettles and brambles.

Like to keep to bare minimum and only amenity approved stuff, have to be careful with pets and children about, lots of caterpillars and birds round the place that feast on seeds and weed seeds.


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North Yorkshire
Glyphosate here. Does Chikara stop grasses coming back? It's quite good on preventing broad leafed plant regrowth.



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