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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by TheEarlOfMoray, May 25, 2019.

  1. TheEarlOfMoray

    looking to get a new 18-20 ton dump trailer and stumbled across herbst, anyone have one? They look good but a lot cheaper than the likes of Stewart. Thought there was maybe a reason why?
  2. v8willy

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    Have one of their low loaders here which I like tho have an NC dump trailer which is a good bit of kit but very small for it's size.
    Seen a Herbst dump trailer on the boat one night & thought it a bit, well, unfinished looking around the back door, likely grand but just didn't appeal to me.
    I'd be looking at Herron, a lot of silage trailers & tankers of his getting about here now, never seen one of his dump trailers in the flesh, or know if they are cheap or dear, but anything I have noticed on the trailers looks well put together.
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  3. v8willy

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  4. Chae1

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    Your the Stewart poster boy!

    You better just buy another.
  5. ollie798

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    Great quality trailers. The only issue is their lead time! looking at december delivery times if you order one now - and very few, if any at all Herbst 20t dump trailers in the Uk at the moment for sale.
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  6. TheEarlOfMoray

    Agri linc have a couple in stock
  7. TheEarlOfMoray

    Aye but 6-7k difference is a lot of money
  8. Wellytrack

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    Herbst are satisfactory, capable of their job but personally I’d rather a Kane or NC.

    I find that what they are rated for they will do, but only just - whereas others will meet and exceed their rated loads easily day in day out.
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  9. nick...

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    south norfolk
    Depending what you carting you may want a bigger trailer.ive got a 14ton nc.great well built trailer but don’t think I’ve had 14ton on it.got some pea shingle 3weeks ago and only got 10 ton on it,over weigh bridge.also got a load of graded top soil that was only a little over 12 ton ,again over weighbridge.if you want to move 14 ton I’d go for a 16/18 ton model.
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  10. Chuckie

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  11. benny6910

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    I’ve just got a secondhand 16 ton herbst dump trailer, I’ve not used it myself yet but it’s well built I would say. I’ve put double acting back door rams on it as it only had single on when I got it and the seals had gone in them so I thought I’d upgrade while I had the chance and also I’ve piped it up to a separate spool valve as it was linked into the tipping system.
  12. woodylane

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    We have a 14t Herbst that we bought for putting a new road in, must have carted over 10000t of hardcore with it and it’s been great. Seals have gone in back door rams a few times over the years but it’s not a big job to take them off. Can’t fault the construction though, we strip all trailer running gear down every year though so we keep on top of any potential problems.
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  13. Joseph

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    I purchased a 20t Herbst 12 months ago, I picked the herbst as its cubic capacity was larger than most 20 tonners. It's done everything asked of it. It is let down by the quality of its finish mainly the paint is poor. We have a fault with the design of the tailgate rams which was finally sorted under warranty.
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  14. Barmyfarmer

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    Have a look at the bailey contract tipper range, higher cubic capacity than any normal looking dump trailer, 10mm floor as standard and 8mm sides
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  15. ollie798

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  16. TheEarlOfMoray

  17. Chae1

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    Get a brand new kane for not much more.

    We bought a JPM from sellars. Apart from some initial teething problems because they forgot to weld axle stops on, its been a good trailer.

    Doesn't get hard use, but saves grain trailers.
  18. ollie798

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  19. Pringles

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    West Fife
    @TheEarlOfMoray I would recommend you have a look at Gardiner trailers near Arbroath, “agri-dumper” range.
    They build an excellent trailer and will build it to your spec.
  20. Fendt516profi

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