Hesston PTO

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Discordon Demon, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Hi all, looking for tractor end for big john deere 1" 3/4, anything considered thanks for looking.
  2. Anybody know any breakers for hesston balers?
  3. paul&mandy

    paul&mandy Member

    surrey/west sussex
    Burden bros on the isle of sheppy
  4. robo

    robo Member

    try NCE ltd spalding
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  5. Hesston4860s

    Hesston4860s Member

    Nr Lincoln
    What shaft have you got, bondioli and pavesi or waltershield ?.
    I think I have one for a bondioli but will need to check !.
  6. Will check 20 spline?
  7. Hesston4860s

    Hesston4860s Member

    Nr Lincoln
    1 3/4 20 spline, had it for my jd 4755. it’s not a complete shaft only the tractor end yoke !. Easy enough to change though.
  8. Big Bale North say they can sell me a whole new shaft, for £300, sounds way too cheap, is it poor quality? Any body else running their pto? New genuine is over a £1000?
  9. robo

    robo Member

    big bale co always about right . we use big bale south quite alot try them if you not happy
  10. Ray

    Ray Member

    Hesston shaft at £300 will not be a wide angle unit, hence the price, but most old Hesston's don't have wide angle joints anyway.
  11. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Big bale will sell you the right shaft for the job.

    What make is it they are selling ?

    Ours is a weasler. Pretty sure it's original. Our baler was supplied by big bale north.
  12. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    Believe it or not wide angle weasler shafts are cheaper than the non wide angle ones.
    But both halves of the pto plus guard will be into 4 figures wether its wide angle or not.
    £300 is probably right for one half shaft with no guard.

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