Hi, anyone with experience using PTOs would you mind taking a few mins to fill out a survey for a uni project? It's hugely appreciated!

Bill Turtle

Mixed Farmer
As pto guards are so important to safety, I feel the price of them should be regulated. The price of the plastic guard on a square Baler could be £500 to £1000 from the main dealer. A few hundred even from a parts supplier. I am lucky that I live only half an hour away from Pananglia who probably have one of the most comprehensive stock of pto shafts and covers, but even so I probably spent over £2000 on shafts and covers this year, which would be a few times that if ordered from main dealers.


Arable Farmer
N Lincs
You have your work cut out redesigning PTO guards to be safer, or preventing stupidity.
It would go a long way to make them cheap to maintain with conversion kits if possible from other standard types.
I will add 90% of problems come from over greasing and under greasing of the guards themselves over greasing can create a black tar type build up (dust and grease) that makes them impossible to fit as it gets into the sliding sections and makes it very difficult to take on or off, I spent days trying to find a good product to clean old guards covers, (inside) and had the hassle to fully dismantling them to do so but, they were night and day diffrent to use and put on and off the tractor after it was done. (Heavy duty degreaser) PTO Shaft guards with non sliding covers would be a big help, ps they all need to shorten a little just to allow them to be put on or off a machine, and be taken apart for maintenance if the bearings in the yokes fail.


Arable Farmer
Yokes that need two pins pressing in so two hands should be illegal, unless we are supposed to grow a third hand to lift the tractor guard at the same time. Some shafts are heavy and trying to get them on is a recipe for a slipped disc or hernia. Then there is the perennial problem of grease nipples you can’t access without dismantling the guards for which you usually need as a minimum a special breed of pozi drive that can’t be found nearby, then again your third hand to hold it all at the right angle to get the geese in. But of course it’s all the operators fault.

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JCB has launched new Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series tractors with an all-new electronics infrastructure which is claimed to deliver higher levels of performance. According to JCB, the new Fastrac iCon operator environment has three key features: iConfigure – creating a bespoke control experience for every operator iConnect – integrating advanced precision agriculture technology iControl – redefining operation through new driveline software The 175hp to 348hp (133kW to 260kW) Fastracs feature the new iCon armrest console and touch-screen display to provide flexibility in operator allocation and operator information, as well as a new transmission control strategy to enhance operator comfort and powertrain efficiency, says the manufacturer...