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Current collie likes to have working dog tinned meat with his "complete" mix when he's working hard. He's mixed and matched with brands. At the moment he's on Skinner's Complete Working, but was on MVF Complete Working before, and possibly Baker's complete working before then. He went thin once, because of a gum problem, so he's now on dentastix, and is back chewing his rawhide chews.
He doesn't like expensive brands. We've tried.


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My young dog was always a bit on the lean side and upping his complete dry food wasn't the answer (made him very loose).

He's now on 50:50 raw meat/dry mix.

This stuff.......
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Mine are on Wynnstay's working dog food (Wynn Gold or something), but the skinny young bitch gets about a third of Hike On from CSJ to keep her topped up.

Both very happy on the Wynnstay stuff.

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The best feed of all for this is beef mesentery. That is the layer of connective tissue that surrounds the gut. I forget what they call it in the abattoir. That and raw fresh beef tripe.

I don't know if you can get sheep heads any more but boiled they are excellent. Just boil them in a pot until the skin and hair can be pulled off. We used to feed on alternate days, they are so rich, or the dogs would get too fat.

You may need to get registered with Animal Health to be allowed to feed animal by products. Modern commercial dog food is rubbish.

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West Wales
Gelert Working Dog (purple bag) here, they all like it and hold condition well if not get a bit fat on it if not working much that week.
We ran out of Harringtons for the GSD a few weeks ago and she did 4 days on the Gelert Working Dog and put on weight in that time!

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We always used a generic dry complete, dr johns etc . One of our pups was really bad with scour’s so we tried raw meat and it transformed her overnight
Now all the dogs are on raw meat with a few biscuits
We buy it weekly in frozen blocks and leave the next days out to defrost

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