Hilux seats.

Been having a dodgy back for a few months now, narrowed it down to the seat in the Hilux. I can drive our X5 for a week no problem at all, 5 miles in the Hilux and I'm nearly crippled.

The truck is due for a change after Christmas, but in the meantime I'd like to replace the drivers seat. It's a 62 plate invincible with standard cloth seat with manual controls. Does the equivalent leather seat have better lower back support / adjustment? Is it electric? Will it be as simple as to take the old one out and fit a leather one straight in?

If yes, does anyone know of anyone breaking hiluxes?

Hooby Farmer

roe valley
i must be the complete opposite to you, i find the hilux the best for long journeys if it wasnt doing 23mpg i would drive it everywhere. Im 28 and have arthritis in my spine and neck


I wouldn't be changing the seat at this late stage.
Make sure you take a good test drive on potential replacement pickups, because there is massive difference in seating position and seats between different brands. Also a fair difference in the compliance of the suspension, where some will continually bounce and thump you in the back while others are more comfortable.


Had 62 plate invincible with cloth seats.not the comfiest. Got 65 plate invincible with leather and find them far more comfortable. My older hilux before the 62 plate had Leather and it was better as well took bad with cloth seats too.


I suffer from exactly the same thing in my Hilux.

I stuck a cushion under the seat cover and it sorted the sore back straight away.

Ive had 3 Hiluxs' now and all have done it after 2 or 3 years. I keep thinking the new one will have better seat foam but unfortunately not.

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