Hiring a small section of woodland for an outdoor birthday celebration

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    I hope this is the right place to post a thread and ask a question about finding and hiring a woodland space for the above?

    I'll post more details when I'm sure I'm not posting in the right place.
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    As good as anywhere.
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    I am arranging a surprise birthday party for a friend in her 30s. I want to find a woodland location with a clearing where we can safely and carefully build a campfire and pitch some tents for the evening. A few people will stay on site overnight possibly (not quite sure yet) - 4-6

    We are anticipating about 10 people all told, all adults in the evening, children and one sensible teenager for the afternoon. A barbecue either on a pre-built BBQ set or over a dug firepit is the preferred catering and we’d be doing the food delivery and preparation- more than happy to buy locally and from local suppliers.

    The birthday lady is from South Africa and we are trying to replicate the outdoor braais and camping stays of her youth.

    We are prepared to pay for self-contained portable toilet delivery/placement and removal, and will remove all rubbish and evidence of presence on the end.

    The time is ideally the 27th May, so people will stay locally to do the complete clean up (it’ll mostly be done as we go) on the morning of the 28th

    Ideally I’d like to take a portable stereo system for music- not dance-volume, more background. There will hopefully be a professional acoustic guitarist doing quite a bit of the music

    Insurance, damage deposit and any site rules are anticipated and would be arranged, pre-paid and complied with, and any pre-and post celebration inspections/fire safety compliance matters are understood as necessary of course.

    Crucially, we want privacy to the extent that any local “spontaneous or passing revellers” do not decide to try and join. Its songs, outdoor cooked food and campfire tales and maybe a treasure trail along the rides. Nobody attending uses drugs, though some will smoke cigarettes and we’d like to be able to have some cider and beers of course

    We’ll hire a minibus to deliver us from the collection point in the Chiltern area in the morning and to collect at about 01:00 and back to homes or a local hotel as some will have come from abroad.

    If there's indoor accommodation in a barn or similar, we could dispense with the tents. A covered area or a barbecue and somewhere to site eat (and listen to our guitarist) in case of rain would be perfect

    We’d need access and parking reasonably near to the fire/gathering/camping area for a small 4 x 4 and a point where the minibus can deposit and collect guests with access for a pushchair and maybe a rugged-wheeled small trolley for tents etc. Nobody is disabled or has impaired mobility

    If you as a landownder/venue proprietor can supply tents, all the better

    Finding a venue such as this does not look easy but I think it could be possible.

    Does anyone have availability of something like this in the SE of England (Bucks/Herts preferred) or Suffolk?

    Any suggestions- or comments as to whether any such places exist?

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