Horsch Avatar with fert.


Oslo, Norway

I'm looking into this DD thing. Currently running a Vaddy rapid box drill with fert. Did DD 100ac with this last autumn and it worked fairly well. All the straw was removed which I normally dont.

So, I guess the avatar puts the fert right next to the seed. This spring when drilling oats I put 120kg/ha n which amounts to about 600kg/ha total fert down the spout. (NPK 20 - 4 -11)

My question. What would be the maximum amount of fert you can drill with an avatar without damaging the seed?

Another question. It would be great to DD WW into spring oats chopped straw, but I read somewhere that this is not a good idea. Why?


I regularly put 300kg of compound down the spout and it’s fine. I’m sure some of the Scottish chaps who’ve been seed and fert drilling for lot longer than me could well of put more down.. @Chae1 @Zebbedee
Yeah we put it on at 375kg/ha at some places. Fan does struggle a bit at that. Can see it still blowing fert out when you lift at ends if pushing on. If seed at 250kg/ha its shifting 625kg/ha total though.
Yes 375kg ha is quite common but we try to get people to go for 250kgha seems to work in better for filling as two bags of seed works in fairly well for two bags of fert makes for a bit more efficiency then top up with spinner once crop has emerged or more common liquid nitrogen through the sprayer. Last thing you want when drilling is to be constantly filling the drill so for original poster no problem with putting that amount of fert down the spout but I would question the efficiency of it better to get a different blend of fert and less down the spout and then top dress it after emergence


Oslo, Norway
The logistics is not really a problem. The field farthest from my yard is about 2 miles. To ease the drilling I could run the spinner later on, but its easy enough to just put it in the ground when drilling. Not much yield benefit either.

Liquid fert is something I would like to try. I did foliar N on some millky ripe wheat 2 years ago(from reading TFF, my agronomist did not believe in it) and got high protein levels. My sprayer is only a mounted 1200l.

I remember reading that Clive would not DD into oats straw though. He seems to be the wizard..
Thanks for the replies. .


Sweden Enköping
We put 300 kg of NPK 24-4-5 on barly and SOSR , try 400 kg on barly and looks ok! Im not sure on SOSR
are able to manage 400kg? The rest of fertilzer we brodspread. Have a Avatar 4,16! This is my soil and may be different on other soil. I live in Sweden in vally of Mälaren.

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