Horsch Terrano FX

Deere 6430

I’m looking forward views on the Horsch Terrano FX mounted cultivator please.

Good points and bad points about them. if anyone has a 3 meter one for sale then I would be interested

or if there is something better than a Terrano FX

Deere 6430

I’m on loamy land as well but a bit of clay with it. Don’t want a disc based machine or a subsoiler type based machine. would be using it in an organic arable situation. Do you find it ‘greens’ up quite well afterwards?


Arable Farmer
Scottish Borders
We've run a 3FX for something like 5 years, and it's a good bit of kit.
Half way through the 1st season we switched from the shallow working sweep points to the deeper working 40mm points and haven't changed back. It works to 11" and the DD roller does a good job of consolidating and breaking up clods to leave a weather proof finish.
Bad points: the 40mm 'full tungsten' shins are £200 each (X 10 legs), and the early version has a design flaw where it breaks through the bolt holes. It's been addressed with the new points by using thicker metal and by having the countersink for the bolt near the surface of the point. The originals are starting to break on stones, but they've done well over 1000 acres.
The £60 non tungsten 40mm points wear very quickly, as in wont last 200 acres before they snap.
I specified mine with the optional straw harrow on the rear. It had to have new brackets last year, and the replacements are twice as thick. They must have known there was an issue.
The long arms that attach the harrows to the frame have also got metal fatigue, we noticed when one of them failed last week.
Apart from that, it's a peach of a machine. It's on 200hp and heavy soil, but the dash usually reads 60% engine load at 11" deep and 10kmph forward speed. If I could find a good 4m I'd sell you mine.

Prior to this we used a Shakerator (good machine let down by sheer bolts on stones), Weaving Subdisc (massive metal fatigue issues) Opico 'something or other' (long in the tooth) and a Mcconnel Discaerator which suited being painted yellow as it was an absolute lemon, and Mcconnel / Alamo Group were utterly useless to the point their products are barred from this farm.


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Scottish Borders
I don't subsoil as there are tiles at 16" in places.
I use the Hosch to establish OSR and WW after OSR, then ploughing after 1st and 2nd wheats.
After OSR I leave the stubble for a fortnight, run it over with a short disc type machine and leave it for another fortnight, then run the Terrano through at 15 degrees to the tramlines and drill with a Horsch ST4 on standard Duet coulters. Disturbing the soil with 14 day intervals seems to disturb the slug life cycle and we don't see much damage in 1st wheats.
I should mention that the soil really 'boils' at 9/10k, there is more mixing of the trash than you might expect from a narrow leg but that fits my aim to get the soil to start breaking down wheat straw as soon as I can incorporate it ahead of OSR.


Nr Kelso
I have used one for the past 15 years or so.
Started with a 3m then went to a 4m 13 years ago and still have it.
Has probably covered 7000 acres, had a few packer bearings (rollflex packer) and a few disc bearings.
We converted ours to run bourgault knock on sweeps which makes it very versatile.
Run 4 inch reinforced at 8 inches deep or 12 inch wide at 3 inches.
We pull it with either 160 or 230 hp.


Arable Farmer
Would a Amazone Cenius be a comparable machine? Seen one at a dealers and can’t find a Horsch.
Amazone Cenius
Kuhn Cultimer
Kongskilde Delta Flex
Lemken Karat
Vaderstad Cultus etc

Are all similar, Horsch and Vaderstad good as there are multiple point options.

With the wings fitted you get a full cut of the working width, that slices through the roots of weeds, I found that even though weeds looked to be still there after a couple of weeks they'd all died off as their roots had been cut.

If you go for a 3m mounted, the steel disc/DD type Packers are very heavy, especially mounted 4m back from the hitch point.

You need to be aiming for 10kph, on light land 150hp will be ok, on Clay soils or with hills 200hp is needed on 3m.


Arable Farmer
Run a 3m one here with stocks seeder on it for drilling rape,works well,only issue I have with it is stones tend to stick the disc now and then.
Also have a vaderstad cultus,also a good cultivator,only has hockey stick levellers which actually work well,had a lemken thorit before which kept cracking the frame and also wearing metal was very expensive.
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