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  1. M-J-G

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    Sunny Scotland
    BBC2 tonight at 9

    I'm guessing it will be a frustrating watch.
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  2. Bald Rick

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    Nah, it will have you in stitches
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  3. VMD100

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    I lived opposite that currently incomplete new hospital in uni halls last year, always wondered why the lights were permanently on when it is unused - was on the news tonight that they cannot actually switch them off o_O
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  4. M-J-G

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    Sunny Scotland
    I saw that on the news, ridiculous.
  5. Just finished watching it. How can we have let our health system get this stressed?

    And wtf is wrong with the UK that allows the directors of Carillion to walk away with their "performance bonuses" leaving critical projects like this incomplete?
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  6. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    I couldn't get my head round that!!!!! One would have thought there must be somewhere they could throw a RCB/trip/rewire something!!! The bit about people walking round running the taps to prevent Legionnaires Disease was an eye opener too. As with the previous series, very thought provoking. So nice to see the little boy's positive story.
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  7. BobGreen

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    Little Charlie is very local to me.
    When he was first diagnosed the local area got together to raise the money for the proton beam therapy as NHS wouldn’t fund it as they thought he had no chance, only palliative care
    The surgeon at Alder Hey was asked for a second opinion and operated not once but twice and removed the tumour in a very risky operation
    A true hero
    Then NHS agreed to fund further treatment in Germany
    Charlie’s parents were a bit embarrassed about all the money which had been raised but were told it was for them and Charlie and it enabled the whole family to stay together in Germany and were told when he was fully recovered to go on a family holiday to celebrate a miracle
  8. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Many of these things , just do not ring true, especislly the legionaires and continually running taps. Legoinaires is not an issue in cold chlorinated water. Lights which cannot be turned off, what happened to tripds
    The whole scheme was , it seems managed by NHS mandarins which is totally contrary to the basis of PFI
    You only have to look at the previous hospital, which presumably replaced a typical Victorian Nightingale design and lasted 15years before it was realised it needed replacement.
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  9. I cannot watch this kind of thing, issues like this drive me mental.
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