Hot or cold Pressure Washer?


If you want to do a good job, you need hot. If it’s really bad you’ll need some decent soap, and then a wax based soap to finish with.

Don’t go scrubbing it with a brush either, unless it’s something like a silage trailer or slurry tanker. Brushes are the devil for paintwork.
Just got one of these for tractors and pickups easily knocks muck off everything (and paint if your not careful) first job it did was 2 hours none stop cleaning the yard concrete does a good job of vehicles with detergent and is easily wrapped up and put away can throw it in my pickup to do garden patios ect


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Is cold with detergent as good as hot without detergent?

Not really no😂

For machines cant beat hot can always turn heat off if not needed.
Lots of loose mud/straw on machines can make the job much easier to wash loose off first with a 2" low pressure high volume hose and just flood it out👍

For yards you want volume more the better.

My next steam cleaner will be at least 15ltr per min. Current Nixon is 11ltrs.
That little bit extra volume does make a massive difference!

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