Hot tubs - Holiday lets - are they worth it?

Fat hen

I know Hot tubs are supposed to increase bookings and asking price but are they worth it?

I gather they need testing for legionnaries,etc twice daily to comply with HSG282.
Then there is the weekly empty and cleanse...maybe there is more work with them?

I'd be interested to know how people manage them to reduce the maintenance and testing. Are they worth it?????


I stayed in a let in Yorkshire.
Fantastic place, wood fired tub with each place, proprietor emptied them every morning, rebuilt the fire so one match had it alight in the evening.
Absolutely brilliant.
Also a sauna, and indoor pool.
Definitely be going there again.

Fat hen

I hover over it now and again.

You have to empty the water each time and with lots of shorter style bookings that can be a major ball ache.

Ive been tempted but always decided not to have the hassle. I'm sure I'd get more bookings if I had them but probably wouldnt be able to charge heaps more.
Sykes & HolidayCottages say confidently that they boost occupancy by 20 % ditto for rental price. Its tempting but its extra management thats for sure
Lot of work and a lot of energy heating that tub from 7C to..... 35C?

Quick Google..

To heat 1 cubic metre from 7Cto 35C

32.56 Kwh (equal to 117208000J / 27906667cal / 32558Wh / 111092 btu)
If I had one I'd fill it from the oil boiler. If you could buy one where you didn't have to change the water every week but had good filtration instead I'd buy one. To be honest its not even logical to clean the water each time

Hotels don't clean their jacuzzis for each customer do they? Is it the law?

Everyone who has one in holiday let seems to hate them.
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