Hounds destroyed tb

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    just come up on my OH fb page,25 hounds culled outbreak of bovine tb.
  2. Location???
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    Kimblewick Hunt, Bucks
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    East Mids
    Classic Daily Mirror headline!!!!
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    Via Pro med.

    [Though the event has found its way to the media now, according to
    information released on 28 Feb 2017 by MFHA ("The Masters of Foxhounds
    Association", the governing body of foxhunting which represents 176
    packs of foxhounds that hunt in England and Wales and a further 10 in
    Scotland), "bTB was suspected in hounds at the Kimblewick in December
    [2016] (and subsequently confirmed at the end of January [2017])". The
    statement further says: "DEFRA has not imposed any movement or other
    restrictions, as it does not consider that there is any increased risk
    to wildlife and farm stock. However, the Hunt immediately suspended
    hunting in the interests of farmers and landowners and the wider
    hunting interest.

    "There is only one recently recorded case of a dog with bTB in
    England, some 4 years ago. The Kimblewick and Hunting Office are
    working closely with officials from DEFRA, Animal and Plant Health
    Agency (APHA), Public Health England and the Royal Dick Veterinary
    School (Edinburgh), other vets with specialist expertise in bTB, in
    order to determine the exact position and the best way forward."

    The final results of the epidemiological investigations of the
    described case, including genotyping results, are anticipated with
    interest. On top of bovine excrement and tissues, other sources of dog
    infection could include badgers, live or dead. - Mod.AS]

    [2] Infected alpacas
    Date: Sat 4 Mar 2017
    source: The British Alpaca Society (BAS) - circular to members

    The BAS is aware of the recent social media posts regarding TB. The
    board would like to assure you that the situation is under constant
    assessment both by the BAS and APHA [UK's Animal & Plant Health
    Agency], as are the 3 registered herds purchased from the breeder.

    APHA were informed in November [2016] of the initial breakdown, which
    traced back to the originating farm in December [2016]. APHA have been
    involved since with testing and tracing and continue to work with herd
    owners who are involved, and BAS will continue to provide APHA with
    information regarding transfer of animals.

    The BAS would like to take this opportunity to suggest that anyone who
    has concerns or is involved should contact the BAS without delay, who
    will support any herd owners who find themselves in this situation.
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  7. And how many farms will the hounds of traveled accross..
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    Well theres a shame.
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    Sir Gar / Carms
    A great pity, but bound to happen eventually...
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    Heard about this some months ago and it got us worried around here , even thou they don't hunt over us anymore they met at a few farms not far away with stock on to the point some are considering not having them on the place anymore.

    Let's be honest this could well be the death nail for hunting with hounds , the badger lovers are going to make hay of it and bang another dead stock outlet could be gone so it's not all good news altogether.
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  11. What will be even more interesting is if the spoliotype of TB in hounds is not one which has been found locally in cattle. I thought that the area the Kimblewick hunt was outside the main TB area but am happy to be corrected.
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    You certainly would not class the area a hotspot as other parts of the country are but there are areas the hunt covers that it's fast becoming so , this hunt is now made up of 3 hunts so covers a massive area.
  13. I hope they do, as it is solid proof that bTB can be caught by other species.

    If cows and hounds carrying TB are shot, badgers need to be next.

    The origin of the spoliotype will probably give rise to more questions than answers.

    The Kimblewick country is certainly not what I thought would be a high risk area for bTB

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    Can certainly see this being in the pipeline.
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    Dogs will have to be banned from my footpath:)
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    East Mids
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    Hounds were around here last week. 2 foxes had taken up home in a big pile of wrapped silage...Not a lot of wrap left on the bales by the time they were finished. Must have opened 20.
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    Some interesting but obvious points raised in the Ecologist articles.

    "Its a cover up" nobody was notified, presumably that means they would expect all the Badger sanctuary's like Secret World to "notify" all their badger bTB cases.

    The hounds excrement could well be a risk to cattle, does it follow that excrement from other infected animals , could be a risk.. No I couldn't possibly be thinking of badgers.
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    O understand most hounds are fed on dead stock.

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