How are people disposing of old engine oil?


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I am running out of 25 litre containers! There is probably 20 of them around the place, possibly 15 years worth! I have given up trying to take 5 litres at a time to the recycling centre. Surely there is an easier way of getting shot of it. It is not like it can't be recycled is it? I have access to some IBC containers. Is it worth filling one of them and getting someone to collect? Any recommendations?



Livestock Farmer
Ask a livestock farmer, don't buy expensive new oil and filters to put in and you don't need to worry about disposing what you take out, double win. (y) (y) :ROFLMAO:
I used to run an old Sambron loader with a Deutz 3 cylinder engine that would "drink" a couple of litres of old oil each and every week and never needed an oil change :p Quite a lot of my old oil went that way!


Livestock Farmer
We collect it in IBC and and several local shops with waste oil heaters pick it up, give us a few cents per gallon for it.
Also use a small amount for dust control on our gravel lot in high traffic areas around the shop, works great for that (y)

Just 1 litre of oil can contaminate 1 million litres of water. Oil pollution can have a devastating effect on the water environment, it spreads over the surface in a thin layer that stops oxygen getting to the plants and animals that live in the water.

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