How Do You Clean Your Tractor, Or Dont You?


Arable Farmer
Live shots. Busy tipping muck on stubble with no hydraulic door so it’s a bags and wellies kind of day. Not a speck of mud or grease on any points of contact though. :) It’s suprisingly easy to keep this way IF YOU WANT TO.

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Fair enough, it's a credit to you. I couldn't be effing about putting bags on pedals, always something else to do

Two Tone

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My tractors are cleaned out at every diesel refill and washed pretty much everytime they leave the shed.unless doing similar the next pretty anal about it but anyone who seen my stuff will understand.tractors now 19 and 25 so not too many electrics.and digger never leaves the yard dirty either
Good for you!
Obviously the digger bucket as shown in your avatar was on its way back to the yard was it?

melted welly

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Spray our older ones with diesel and oil mix after washing when the notion takes. Keeps paint fresh, also discourages any vermin should machine be parked for long.


colin them pictures show the cab interior, to be like brand new? when you took the pics of the floor and pedals how many hours had the tractor done? Please post a few of the outside of the tractor?

How it sits right now. Bearing in mind I’ve just unhitched the trailer and been in and out of stubble all day.

It’s 7 months old. Approx 300 hours at the moment.
However my last one was 5 years old and exactly the same inside and out.



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East Sussex
I don't see why people complain about washing machines, I work with people who will make the machine "wet" and once it dries it looks worse than when they started 🙈 I love a clean machine, steam cleaner set up ready to go here, just open the door and do a good job. Plus you need a clean tractor shot for social media 😂


Mixed Farmer
Some of this driving in socks malarkey tells me some of you havent enough work to do! By all means keep it clean and tidy, but its a tractor ffs, you're not living in the thing, get some work done!
Herself could not believe it when she had to wait for one of the Contract Farming lads to get out of his cab so she could bollock him for leaving a gate open and letting the cattle out! He didn't want to put his boots on, and it was too wet for slippers.....
Wash regularly (once a week at least)
Dry and ceramic spray every 2nd or 3rd wash.

Inside kept like new. Seat cover on unless on a clean job, or it’s summer time and clothes are clean. Gloves gloves gloves every time you leave cab. No grease or dirt on any buttons.
rubber mat over the carpet and bags on the pedals. for any muddy jobs. Easily removed to enjoy the carpet and socks on clean work.

Do you use it in the rain? Do you take it into nasty muddy fields? Do you have a life?

On a more serious note, does anyone think they get more trading in a super shiny tractor than one in it's working clothes (well used but not a sh it heap) ?


When I’m hedgecutting I wash my windows daily, sweep out the cab floor while filling with fuel every night. Keep her clean. But only wash the outside 2 or 3 times a year before a service
For us they are working machines that are kept reasonably tidy
Driving with mucky windows and crap all over the floor all day gets me depressed


Mixed Farmer
Think this comes down to livestock vs arable. You could put what you want in the tractor cab but working with cows, pigs or sheep it's going to get muck in every corner because you get in and out so much and tend to leave the doors open. Don't have anything against the socks in an arable tractor but you'd look a bit of a mug taking wellies on and off when you get off the tractor so frequently in a livestock yard.

I think a wash every month or two and a couple of cab cleanouts a year in the summer is good enough to be respectable to the machine, dry mud in the winter is as good at protecting the paint as it is stripping it IMO. And pressure washing every five minutes can only lead to paint dropping off too.

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